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Are you struggling with Inventory Control?

Has daily expediting become a way of life?  Is production constantly disrupted because of ordering errors or missing parts?  Do you want to reduce your inventory levels to increase cash – but can’t?  Is there a constant struggle to make sure you have what you need, when you need it?

If you are struggling with inventory on a day to day basis then you are facing a common problem – and you’re not alone.  If inventory is a problem then you will probably find the following to be true in your business:

  1. Your inventory “Turns” are well above the manufacturing industry average of 12 to 16.
  2. You can’t generate a reliable inventory report with the click of a button.
  3. Different staff might keep separate spreadsheets to track basically the exact same inventory levels.
  4. Your purchasing department can’t give you accurate lead time estimates
  5. You don’t measure your Vendor Delivery performance.
  6. You don’t have safety stock levels and can’t have the system automate purchasing or production suggestions.
  7. You find items are overstocked or under stocked seemingly at “random”

The right software and the right implementation team can make many or all of these problems go away.  We have specialized in helping manufacturing companies improve their inventory control and purchasing process for years.

Benefits of Sabre for YOUR Business

  1. Increase employee efficiency by using MRP (Material Resource Planning) to let the system generate purchase and production suggestions automatically.
  2. Improve inventory turns with proper Safety Stock, Lead Time and Purchasing support.
  3. Generate Real-Time, accurate inventory reports.
  4. Optionally: Use Inventory Barcoding.
    • Pick and Put-Away your materials with Wifi Barcode Technology.
    • Manage Receiving and Shipping.
    • Interface directly with your accounting and production data.
  5. Track production costs and usage with proper Bills of Material, Production Orders and Inventory Flushing.
  6. Know what state inventory is in by recording reservations, actual use, scrap, and rework.
  7. Know your vendor performance and choose the best vendors by reporting on Vendor Performance metrics, including delivery efficiency and accuracy.
  8. Improve quoting and negotiations by having access to a search of inventory usage history, pricing and volumes.

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Not sure if you are struggling with inventory or not?

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