ERP Best Practices

Failed ERP Implementations

Unlike most ERP Vendors, Sabre began nearly 20 Years Ago as a Service Only ERP Provider helping customers who perceived their implementation to be a failure. During this time we identified many different causes, but there were three key problems that kept repeating.

  • Over Promise and Under Deliver
  • Painting Yourself in a Corner
  • No Advice from the ERP Vendor

At Sabre we address these problems in our process, and since we started selling ERP ourselves almost 8 years ago, we have refined this into our Best Practices doctrine.

Promise What We Deliver

Our sales approach is all based on the idea that we will tell you What you can Practically Achieve, even you might want to do more. This all comes down to being honest with the customer, and Refusing to Say Whatever it Takes to make a sale. We then deliver on what we say we are going to do, and help you achieve it. We are totally transparent in our sales and estimating process, so you can see exactly how we arrived at our quote and the training you will receive.


Take on What You Should

During our transparent estimating and quoting process, we go over each module in your ERP and decide which ones you’ll need. This helps both Sabre and you know exactly what you will be trained on, and which Best Practices are appropriate for you. Part of the Sabre Sales Approach includes setting out the project plan at a broad level during the sales stage. Our sales staff are Experienced ERP Implementers, and therefore we design a solution that’s right for you.



Leadership is about taking responsibility. Unlike most ERP Vendors, we Present a Suggested Approach to running your business with your new ERP. We take the guesswork out of how you should setup, configure and use your system. We Prescribe Best Practices that we believe will be the best for you. We do this instead of offering you all the varied ways you can do things and ask you to guess which is the right one.



We can offer this kind of Best Practice Guidance because we have such extensive experience in Manufacturing ERP in the Small Business space that we’ve been there, done that. This means that we take What Works at other business the same size, complexity and staffing and Recommend it to you.


Faster Deployment | Less Guesswork | Fewer Missteps


  • Your staff receive great Practical Advice on how to use the new ERP system
  • The Sabre Manufacturing system already includes many Best Practices built in
  • We can provide Pre-Packaged Training and Procedure documentation

We can provide Better Support and Followup because we know what you are trying to achieve.

Rapid Implementation Fixed Fee