Fixed Fee

Like any business, you want to Control your Risk and ensure that you are not Taken Advantage Of by an ERP vendor. ERP Vendors make their money from the Hours their Employees bill you, and therefore they are motivated to draw out your project and overrun your costs.

At Sabre we specialize in implementing ERP in businesses just like yours – and we have created a process that dramatically Reduces Risk while also Controlling Costs.

Sabre turns the ERP Implementation world on its head by offering you a Fixed Fee option.  We achieve this by walking through a totally transparent quoting process, allowing you to select the ERP module features you want to use.  We can then calculate a Fixed Fee for the core activities of your project:

  • Training
  • Self-Serve On-Line Training Courses
  • Loading Data
  • Configuring Your System
  • Form Designs
  • Installation and Setup

A Fixed Fee ERP implementation by Sabre includes our Sabre Manufacturing collection of customizations, selected from the best of the best of our modifications to Microsoft Dynamics for other customers.  We discourage additional customizations, but you can choose to add features if you feel you must.




  • 90% of our implementations are On-Budget
  • Our Quoted Costs are competitive with those of other ERP Partners, BUT they are Much More Reliable
  • Customers must Accept our Future State design and project planning methods.
  • We require your staff to follow our Pre-Go-Live testing (referred to as Pilot Testing) and User Acceptance Sign-Off to confirm in writing they have Quality Checked the process and are ready to Launch the System.

The result of all of this is an on-time project, on-budget with the lowest risk in the industry!

To find out more, download our infographic.

Rapid Implementation Best Practices