Job Costing

Are you making what you thought you would?

Does this question keep you up at night? Are you sure your quotes are accurate? Are you aware of the costing errors that are made by your production, engineering and purchasing staff? Are you able to track each job or product you make … or are just watching your bank account and hoping?

If you feel like your job costing is out of control and your business plans are based on wishes and hope, then you might be experiencing these symptoms:

      1. Are you never quite sure what you can safely discount on a job?
      2. Do you feel like some products are winners, some are losers but you can’t be sure?
      3. Are your people in disagreement about which jobs are profitable and by how much?
      4. Do you fear you are losing money on some of your work?
      5. Are you not tracking Engineering, Production, or Assembly time against jobs?
      6. Is the process of costing out a production run or job tedious – so people avoid it?
      7. Is Excel running your Job Costing at your business?

Knowing your job or production costing is a critical part of running a manufacturing company. Our experts have worked in manufacturing companies and with customers just like you for almost 20 years.  We understand the needs of cost analysis in almost every type of business.

Benefits of Sabre for YOUR Business

      1. Easily and Quickly run Cost Analysis by Bill of Material or Assembly.
      2. Gain visibility by tracking costs at the labor, overhead, outside service and material level.
      3. Measure your staff and their contribution to your bottom line.
      4. Track and manage ongoing percent completion and project completion against estimates.
      5. Track historic production and manufacturing costs by finished good.
      6. Track ongoing job cost for longer running projects, and compare actuals to estimates based on percent complete.
      7. Understand employee and machine efficiency with reports and statistics.
      8. Use forecasts to predict profit and cash flow.

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