Rapid Implementation

There are an endless number of stories of Drawn Out ERP implementations and the resulting Out of Control Costs. Most Small and Medium Manufacturers are too small to absorb the potential huge mistake this represents.

Microsoft has invested heavily to research ERP training and consulting methods and why project delays are so common in SMB implementations. This research concluded that the Project Management approach was at fault:

  • The approach taken for Very Large ERP systems in Enterprise customers are Disastrous in Small and Medium Businesses.
  • These techniques expect the customer to have a large IT Team with lots of ERP Experience.
  • SMB Customers don’t have the skill, experience or bandwidth to handle these Enterprise Project Management methods.

At Sabre we repeatedly implement ERP at companies similar in size, manufacturing products using similar equipment and similar management approaches.  We specialize in implementing ERP in businesses just like yours – and we have created a process that dramatically Reduces Risk while also Cutting Costs.  This is because we jump right to a streamlined, proven implementation plan.  We use a series of Out-Of-The-Box methods including a process that evolved from LEAN Manufacturing called Agile Project Management.

This process is…




  • Implementations are Easily completed in 16 Weeks by following our process.
  • Sabre conducts Discovery, Current State and Future State with a very fast turn around.
  • We Guide you step by step through the process, including weekly meetings to touch base and make sure things are on track.
  • We recommend Best Practices and using the system Out-Of-The-Box0.
  • The most common custom requests and add-ons are incorporated into Sabre Manufacturing, our Standard System Configuration.
  • We take the uncertainty out of the process by using Tried and True techniques that are Ideal for Virtually 100% of SMB Manufacturers.

Contact us for more information on this unique approach, and download our InfoGraphic outlining our entire methodology.

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