Repetitive Manufacturing

Sometimes a job shop will develop a reputation as the place to go for certain types of production.  These job shops “morph” into the Repetitive Job Shop.  These shops will begin to buy material to stock as they have commitment for parts to be delivered over a period of time. Often material delivered to these shops is owned by the customer, and tracking and reporting on this inventory is a customer requirement.  They do not build to stock, nor to forecast.  They build only based on the firm orders their customer has given them.

What’s Important

  1. Job (Actual) Costing
  2. Purchasing to Jobs
  3. Purchasing to Stock
  4. Labour Collection
  5. Estimating
  6. Quotation Tracking
  7. Inventory Control

What’s Not Important

  1. MRP
  2. MPS
  3. Pricebook
  4. Production (Standard) Costing
  5. Sales Forecasts
  6. Usage Forecasts