Business Central For Construction Manufacturing

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent solution for the traditional Construction manufacturing Industry.

Construction Manufacturing

Engineer-To-Order order businesses within the construction trades use Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage their design, build and delivery of projects. Most manufacturing companies in this space use Business Central similarly to job-shops who design and build simple architectural structures. The difference is that they create complex projects made up of many job-shop built parts. These are either for decorative or practical use.  Examples in this space are custom concrete or stonework (such as building facades), architectural steel materials, curtain walls etc… 

The construction trades who are considered Engineer-To-Order usually have a number of engineering designers on staff. They  take information provided at a high level by architects to design and build  solutions.  Using Business Central to coordinate delivery of product, and the job shop production of their project components is a goal.  Ensuring that they deliver batches to the job site in the sequence required by the general contractor is a major requirement. Dynamics 365 allows them to manage all manufacturing of the individual component  parts from a single project dashboard. These companies are usually contractors working directly under the General Contractor responsible for the project. 

Common Requirements To Construction Manufacturing Companies:

  • Use Dynamics 364 to Release of orders for job-shop manufacturing of smaller items as part of a larger system 
  • Large purchases of mass product can be simplified with Business Central, such as aluminum extrusion or concrete aggregates etc… 
  • Most manufacturing companies in this space have developed a  "specialization" in a particular area of expertise (window manufacturing, stainless steel, structural systems) 
  • The ability of Dynamics 365 to allow them to both create standard manufacturing bills (BOM) and organize at a project level is key 
  • Scheduling of both Lower skilled shop floor staff, highly skilled engineering staff is often needed 
  • The Job Dashboard in Business Central allows coordination of the production of materials with a delivery schedule 
  • Delivery of materials based on the GC requirements - sometimes very flexible (aka: unreliable) is required in Dynamics 365 
  • Using Excel in Business Central for uploading of large amounts of data into the Project purchase list and the production requirements list. 

Our Sabre ETO for a Dynamics 365 system's integration between Project Manufacturing and Standard Manufacturing in Business Central is one of the key requirements of this kind of business and is standard in our product. 

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