Dynamics 365 For Industrial Automation

Dynamics 365 for Industrial Automation and Manufacturers

Let's talk a little bit about how Dynamics 365 for Industrial Automation works. Automation is a form of Engineer-To-Order where the business designs and builds automated assembly centers for manufacturing.  These automation centers often make use of index tables, conveyance systems (like vibratory feeds), image recognition, complex programmed control systems and other similar mechanical and electrical engineering requirements. Business Central for ETO is used by automation manufacturers to manage project costs and control purchasing and scheduling. 

The automation manufacturing company often receives a sample product or an outline of a process from a customer, and be asked to create automation around that product or process.  An example would be an automated manufacturing center that assembles ball point pens.  An automation center is composed of hundreds or even thousands of items, and Dynamics 365 with the Sabre ETO helps organize that data. With Sabre ETO the Automation Manufacturing company can import and control the full BOM structure of the system. In addition, sub assemblies such as an index table can be independently managed and controlled. 

Common Requirements are:

  • Ability to release long-lead-time parts from Business Central manufacturing projects to purchasing
  • Capability to schedule some purchasing before all design is complete 
  • Outsourcing many subcontract manufactured parts with Dynamics 365 
  • Mass import (often from CAD) large numbers of distinct parts into Business Central 
  • Very skilled shop floor assembly and integrators and high skilled engineering staff 
  • Scheduling staff work in Dynamics 365 while cross referencing with purchasing due dates 
  • Delivery and provisioning of the project at the customer site and managing related expenses in Business Central 
  • Rarely building any two automation systems that are alike but being able to keyword search Dynamics 365 to find similar projects  
  • Usually not manufacturing many parts in-house (although this is not unheard of) but having support for assembly activities in the ERP. 

Our Sabre ETO was originally designed for use with Dynamics 365 Business Central in this kind of manufacturing company and is extremely well suited to automation businesses. The requisitioning system built into Sabre ETO for Business Central really helps the communication between Engineering and Purchasing. 

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