Repetitive ETO

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent solution for the traditional Automation manufacturer and Repetitive ETO.

Dynamics 365 Business Central For Repetitive ETO

Some ETO companies have found a niche in a particular area of expertise.  Companies that may conveyor systems, lift systems, ovens (cooking or heat treat) are examples.

These companies are a kind of "Repetitive ETO" as they have a product catalog of some kind, but rarely (or never) sell anything from the catalog unchanged. 

The Repetitive ETO is usually identified by a set of common parts used in many of their designs.  They often have more manufacturing capabilities than the Automation ETO.  In addition, they have libraries of re-used engineering drawings. 

These businesses, once they reach a certain scale will transform into Configure-to-Order businesses, but before that happens they are pure ETO. 

Common To These Companies:

  • Outsourcing some subcontract manufactured parts  
  • Making some parts in-house 
  • Some skilled shop floor assembly and some general labor 
  • Highly skilled engineering staff with great expertise in the specialization 
  • Delivery and provisioning of the project at the customer site 
  • Release of orders for job-shop manufacturing of smaller items - often build to stock and to order 
  • Keeping some standard raw material stock (such as structural steel)
  • Uploading of large amounts of data from Excel or other data sources into the Project purchase list and the production requirements list.  

Our Sabre ETO system's integration between Project Manufacturing and Standard Manufacturing in Business Central is one of the key requirements of this kind of business and is standard in our product. This helps a project manager ensure that materials are either in-stock or made to order when required. 

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