System Integrators

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent solution for traditional System Integrators.

Business Central & System Integrators

A System Integrator takes products (almost always built by 3rd parties) and integrates them into a system for use.  This ETO can sometimes look like a distribution company who sells the 3rd party products (eg: A company reselling video image recognition technology,  X-Ray units, control systems, Odor suppression systems etc…). 

This type of ETO has highly skilled engineers who integrate the system they sell, sometimes along with other products or proprietary technology into solutions for their customers.  Furthermore, they rarely if ever manufacture any parts themselves. Instead, they purchase all virtual systems parts from a 3rd party.  They often have exclusive rights to some technology they incorporate into the systems, and are considered experts in that area.  Their bills of material tend to be quite small, with many large dollar items. 

Common Requirements

  • Outsourcing everything they manufacture 
  • In some cases, no shop floor staff.  Engineers and Technologists only.
  • Engineers support the delivery and provisioning of the project at the customer site but do not install the technology themselves. 
  • Small bills of material 
  • Large cost items that are modified (sometimes marginally) to work with the system 
  • Programming or other "soft" activities are often involved 
  • Many lot-serial controlled items used in the project 

Our Sabre ETO works very well in this kind of situation and is extremely well suited to blend the out of the box inventory control of Business Central in to the project activities.  

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