Sabre Webinar Series

Join Sabre for a series of informative webinars on topics that are important to small and medium manufacturers in today’s economy.

Presented by Sabre executive consultants and selected third party subject matter experts, the Sabre webinar series is intended to inform, educate and benefit companies that are looking to improve their bottom line and make positive changes to their business.​

Inventory Control Best Practices


  • The 5 risks associated with being an inventory control laggard
  • What are the 8 signs of an inventory control crisis?
  • How to measure your inventory control performance 
  • 5 tricks to improve inventory control performance

Dynamics 365 NAV - The Future of Cloud ERP


  • What is Microsoft 365?
  • What is Dynamics 365?
  • What is the difference between the Business and Enterprise Editions of Dynamics 365?
  • Demonstration of Dynamics 365 NAV – The Business Edition
  • Why subscription ERP is the future of ERP sales

Implementing LEAN Inventory Control Techniques


  • Kanban, Two-Bin, Supermarkets and other LEAN concepts
  • Purchasing vs Production Kanban – The differences and ramifications
  • How ERP handles LEAN – The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Best practices for combining LEAN inventory control with barcoding

Resource Utilization Optimization With Planner One


  • The 3 costs of bad resource utilization
  • What you need to do to maximize resource utilization
  • The Finite vs. Infinite capacity debate
  • The 4 critical requirements for managing resource utilization

Job Costing


  • The 3 critical business risks associated with bad job costing
  • What are the main inputs to Job Costing data and what is the best way to gather them?
  • What is Shop Floor Barcoding and how does it work?
  • Top 5 tricks for Project Costing
  • Top 5 tricks for Production Costing

10 Things You Should Know About Cloud ERP


  • What are the different kinds of Cloud ERP and CRM solutions in the market today?
  • What is the difference between Cloud ERP and an ERP that can run on a server in the cloud?
  • What is the average ROI for a subscription Cloud ERP?
  • How can subscription ERP advertise such low implementation costs compared to traditional?
  • Why we think traditional ERP will continue to survive for years in Manufacturing, but in a new form!

How To Make Your ERP Upgrade Cost Effective


Your legacy data is valuable to your business, but it won’t fit neatly into your new ERP. Importing data typically does not work; you may have to manually enter all those transactions. This can be time-consuming, error-prone and expensive.  

In the “How to Make Your ERP Upgrade Cost Effective Webinar”, we’ll show you how investing in a Business Intelligence solution will take the pain out of migrating your data and save you time, effort and money.  Better yet, it will give you a way to harmonize your legacy data with your new data to show a seamless record of transactions with no gaps in history for reporting and analytics.

Building Effective KPI's


Every business needs Key Performance Indicators to effectively run their operations. We want to be able to look at them with a glance and know that if something is starting to go sideways, we can take action before things get out of hand. There are many metrics that can be used, but not all metrics are Key Performance Indicators. 

 Let’s look at what the difference is with some concrete examples.

Sample Webinar


“We were using almost entirely Excel and a home-grown Access database to manage inventory and production. The inventory was consistently inaccurate and we were spending almost $150,000 in air freight alone to stay on top of things”…”We now have much better visibility of inventory, and are finding out about part shortages before they happen; a significant improvement. We are seeing a reduction in air-freight costs and an increase in employee efficiency after just 3 months of using the system.”
Kim Lassaline
“Our Visual ERP system was in a state where we had to decide to either invest in an update to a system we felt was not modern or replace it with something that would grow with us over the next 10 years”…”The NAV system reports are 1000x better than the ones in our old ERP. With Sabre’s help we’ve created a few really inexpensive reports, and this small investment is saving us thousands of dollars in effort. Even more important, we were able to export our Item list to excel, update prices and re-import it ourselves. This gave us the ability to finally pass on a price increase (after 10 years) and will generate $125,000 a year of revenues!”
Chris Meilenner
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