The Sabre Limited Story

How a little basement business has grown to become a leader with Microsoft Business Central and Computer IT Services for Manufacturing Companies just like yours!

People who “Get” Manufacturing | Always Ready to Help | Integrity and Honesty Come First 

Manufacturing is in our blood!

The summer that I, Rob Jolliffe, turned 13, my dad’s shipper-receiver quit and I was told to work at the shop in shipping and receiving (certainly breaking a lot of child labor laws!). Rather than hanging out with friends at pools or throwing the ball, I was at the family factory, writing up weigh bills, shrink-wrapping pallets, and learning about UPS parcels.

My father and two uncles owned manufacturing companies, and becoming a manufacturing engineer (proudly graduating in the middle of my class at the University of Toronto) was just a foregone conclusion.

Little did they know that my true love was the blending of computer systems with that manufacturing blood that coursed through my body. Material planning reports, production scheduling systems, bill of material processing, inventory automation and control, analysis, and reporting… these are what excite me.

I first discovered ERP and IT in the early 90s after graduating from university. I was hired to be a part-time industrial engineer and IT technician, and before the end of my probation, I was the IT Manager at a 20 million dollar capital equipment manufacturer in Ontario, Canada. The company had just bought this fancy software called “ERP,” and I was told, “In your spare time, figure it out.”

Since then, I’ve kept a foot in both worlds. I went back to school to study Lean Six-Sigma. I became an expert in the Theory of Constraints thinking process and taught some supply chain courses at the local college. I’ve also been certified as a Novell (yes, I am that old) and Microsoft network engineering. I’ve sold customers hundreds of servers and CAD workstations, set up hundreds of ERP systems, and written what seems like 1,000 Crystal Reports in my day. I’m not bad with programming and extremely good at process mapping and system design.

Sabre Limited is designed to mirror what I do best. I am extremely proud of the team of high-performing, best-in-their-field professionals that work for our customers every day.

Time and Material is Unethical
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Time and Material Is Unethical

There was an article posted on LinkedIn (by some long forgotten connection) called “Time and Material Billing is Unethical.” After reading that article, we have tried every way we can think to switch off a time and material process into a fixed project or monthly recurring model. Only custom programming and consulting remains as billed by the hour – and we’re working on that!

As a manufacturing company you have to provide firm prices for your products. It is only fair that we do the same.

In the ERP industry, almost all our competitors do their billing as as Time and Material. Even those that offer “Fixed” projects turn out to limit that to a number of hours. Our Fixed fee are really fixed. We don’t count the hours.

Our Focus Is On The Customer

Everything we do is focused on the customer first, and us second. Like every business, we need to make money; but it can’t come at the expense of long term relationships.

We are proud to have a group of loyal customers for close to 25 continuous years. Why do these and other businesses come back to us over and over? It’s because we are always fair and admit when we’re wrong! Honesty is one of Rob’s most challenging traits – whether it’s brutally honest when he thinks a customer is wrong, or being totally honest when he is. That honesty has earned Rob and Sabre a lot of loyalty.

Loyalty has to be earned by having the best ethical standards and putting the relationship above profits.

It's Our Team That Make Us Who We Are

Robert Jolliffe

Robert Jolliffe

President and Executive Consultant

Rob graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in the early 90s. He has read “The Goal” at least 4 times, “Lean Thinking” at least 3 times, and has seen Star Wars more times than he can count (Han shot first!).

He is an avid collector of music and, using “The Rolling Stone Top 500 Album List” as a guide, has managed to buy 490 of the 500 (the rest are out of print).


Network Architect & Technology Guru

Jeremy is a tech enthusiast who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. From PC repair to major infrastructure replacements projects. Azure, VMs, Jeremy has worked on many system and server related projects.

Off hours, Jeremy enjoys programming LEDS light displays and building lightsaber projects for his kids. While away from the tech, Jeremy loves fishing and camping in the great outdoors with his family.

Jenn Claridge Headshot

Jenn Claridge

Vice President of ERP

Jenn has almost 20 years of manufacturing experience, starting at Sabre in 2008. She has expertise in project management, supply chain, shipping, inventory management, production control, and material requirement planning.

In her free time, she rescues cats on her country property and has found new homes for around 30 cats, five of which now live with her.

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Ryan Murphy

Lead Technician

Ryan attended Lambton College for the Computer Networking Specialist program, completing the program in 2013. He has more than 10 years experience in cabling, IT and network management.

During his free time, he can be found biking around town.

He is also an avid gardener, and grows prodigious amounts of fresh vegetables each year. 

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Javier Diazgranados

Supply Chain Analyst

Javier graduated from EAFIT University with a B.Sc. degree in Engineering in 1999. He has been working with Manufacturing Integrated Platforms since 1999 in many different roles. He also has 5 years of experience teaching Industrial Engineering at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.  

Javier likes traveling, working with people and his professional background include working in different places (Colombia, Texas and Massachusetts), giving him experience in different areas, cultures and technologies.

Evan 600x600 1

Evan Jolliffe

Business Development Manager - IT Services

Evan started his training to become Rob’s successor back in 1995. He has earned certificates in both Automotive and IT skills. Aside from his IT expertise, Evan spends his free time taking apart and repairing different items from computer keyboards to zippers.

Evan also regularly goes to rock-climbing at the gym and enjoys spending time raiding with his guild in World of Warcraft.

Juan A

Juan Angel

Business Development Manager

Juan holds a Bachelor of Science in engineering and has gained extensive experience in Manufacturing, Operations, and Sales Development. Juan has a passion for travel and is particularly interested in navigation fundamentals. With a private pilot license, Juan plans to explore multiple countries in the future by plane or sailboat.

When Juan isn’t working or traveling, he enjoys spending time with his two kids who share his love for soccer.

Alex A 1

Alexander Awotunde

Level 1 Support Technician

Alexander is an experienced IT professional. In 2010 he got his apprenticeship in IT Practitioners and has been providing IT support ever since. Alongside support, he has overseen several successful projects in relation to SharePoint, M365, and user training to name a few here at Sabre.

Outside of tech, Alexander enjoys spending time with loved ones, attending events relating to arts & culture, keeping fit and watching his favourite football team, (not soccer) Arsenal.

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Senior PrintVis Analyst

Mark has over 40 years experience in the Print Graphics industry. After graduating with honours in the Graphic Technician Program at Conestoga College, he started in print production working for almost 20 years in various prepress roles. Moving from production to administration, he brings to Sabre over 20 years experience as an estimator, CSR, production planner.

Mark enjoys sports, music, and especially riding his vintage BMW motorcycle along winding country roads.

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Yevhenii Kostiuk

Level 1 Support Technician

Yev has almost 15 years of IT support experience. It used to be his hobby, but for the last year, it has been his favorite job. He has completed many business management courses in areas such as financial management, accounting, human resources, strategic planning, sales, and marketing. 

So apparently he can fix not only your PC, but also your business.


Leonard O. Anwuzia

Bookkeeper/ Accountant

Leonard is a graduate with a Bachelor of Accounting and a Master’s (MBA) in Business Administration degree. He has over 20 years of banking, finance, and accounting experience.

He likes action movies and reading. He has read all the Jason Bourne books and has also read all Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader books. He is also a massive football (soccer) fan and his favorite team is Manchester United.

Clint Abrahams Headshot bw

Clint Abrahams

IT Service Coordinator

Clint has close to 10 years experience in IT, having been in multiple different roles ranging from IT Support to Cyber Security Consulting and everything in-between. He is currently studying towards a degree in IT Management.

Clint is passionate about technology, specifically, the future of technology and gaming. 

When Clint isn’t working, he is either playing chess online, the piano, or Fortnite with his son (hardly ever at the same time).

Sana BW 1

Sana Ghansar

Techno Functional Consultant

Sana holds a degree in Information Technology Management from Toronto Metropolitan University, where she specialized in ERP solutions. Her professional career has spanned over 15 years, many of which involved implementation and support of ERP systems for the manufacturing sector. She loves working with people and has a passion for learning. 

Sana enjoys art, reading, and travelling. Every now and again, she also likes to step outside of her comfort zone and try something different, like a new cuisine or excursion/physical activity.  

Untitled design 22

Scott Jackson


Scott graduated from college with a 98% average in Business, Accounting and Administration. Motivated by his passion for accounting, he made a career transition from mining to pursue his true calling.

When Scott isn’t busy with accounting he spends time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys playing video games and learning about history.

Danielle headshot bw 600x600 1

Danielle Szewc

Executive Assistant

Danielle graduated from Lakehead University with an HBSc in Applied Biomolecular Sciences, and went on to do post graduate studies in Human Resource Management at Conestoga College. She is actively working towards her CHRP designation.

In her free time, you can find Danielle drawing, drinking tea, reading both fiction and nonfiction, and playing with her puppy, Leia.

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