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Sabre specializes in the implementation and training of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing companies.  Our solution includes a suite of training courses we call the Sabre System, as well as specialized modules to help manufacturing companies make better use of the system.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Without Silos

Enable organizations to do their best work by unifying relationships, processes, and data with Microsoft's connected cloud and comprehensive business applications.

Actionable Insights

Achieve greater outcomes with connected data, business analytics, and guidance delivered by Microsoft's leading intelligent technology.

Transformation on Your Terms

Choose the right path for your organization with modular, multi-channel applications that work seamlessly and integrate with your existing systems.

Why Choose Sabre?

We have been in the ERP project business for 20 years – and have seen many problems with the traditional “time and material” ERP project. Time and Material is by far the worse method of delivering a product to a customer, and yet for over 40 years it has been the prevailing method used for ERP. Sabre has changed that.

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The Sabre System

Implementation Model

Traditional ERP implementations are entirely variable in cost, and the ERP partner has no financial motivation to keep your costs under control. Stories of ERP projects that are 50%, 100% or even 200% over budget are all over the internet. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including the compensation model of the ERP consultants, the sales teams and the project managers. Sabre has focused on creating project designs that motivate our staff and the business to keep costs under control. We do this by making the project a fixed fee, which gives us every incentive to find ways to keep your costs down and make your implementation successful.

Training Methodology

Our training programs are intended to get you up and running quickly, with the core requirements every manufacturing company needs in their ERP. It defers any customization or advanced feature implementation to a future phase, when you will be more knowledgeable and better able to learn those features. Learning the nuances and processes of any ERP is the most difficult part, and our program is designed to guide you through that without wasted effort or distraction.

Training Program Options

1 %

The Quickstart program is a blended 50/50 instructor led, self guided training program. If your staff are highly motivated and you feel confident that your company will follow the program without needing a high degree of management, this program is for you. Quickstart included a significant amount of instructor training time and coaching, and a well structured learning management system to guide you through the implementation of your ERP. ​

1 %

Standard if for you if you like the idea of Quickstart, but you feel as if you would benefit from more hands on support from your instructor. The Standard program is 80% instructor led, with self guided activities intended to reinforce rather that teach from scratch. You still use Sabre learning management system to guide your implementation, but you receive substantially more coaching and support along the way.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We offer many different training services, all with detailed statements of work and fixed pricing based on your training needs.  Visit our training services page here.

Fixed fee pricing means that Sabre offers a full set of services that are selected such that they are all you need to learn and implement your software. Sabre will help at every step, provide full guidance and a very specific outline of your training program. As a customer you know exactly what Sabre provides, exactly what is expected of you, and exactly what it will cost.

With tools to enhance any business process, insightful real-time reporting and seamless Outlook integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organisations of all sizes transform productivity through digital transformation.

Available as a cloud service, or deployed on-premise, D365 fits each unique business requirement and adapts as your priorities change.

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