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How to find the right IT company for your manufacturing business.

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Our eBook helps a manufacturing company sort through the questions they have about hiring an IT company in 2023.

Find the IT service you deserve

Are you unhappy with your current IT services? A lot of businesses are. For that reason we had our illustrious owner, Rob Jolliffe write this eBook for you, companies looking for new IT Managed Services partners.

If you’re a manufacturing company, you need a different kind of IT service than a Law Firm would. Or a retail store chain, or a doctor’s office.

You use different kinds of equipment and software in your day to day operations than these other companies. You have different Cyber Security needs and requirements.

This book is a guide to the average small or medium sized manufacturer (usually defined as having under 250 employees total) in searching for and selecting the right IT company.

Cyber Security landscape

Is Cyber Security more important to you than to them?

The question of cybersecurity isn’t just another item on your business’s checklist—it’s a pivotal factor that separates a proactive IT partner from one that merely pays lip service to your concerns. 

Consider your current IT provider. Have you ever asked them about their approach to cybersecurity, only to receive a vague assurance that everything is under control? This type of response isn’t uncommon, as some IT support providers lack the proactive drive to truly educate and safeguard their clients. Their focus might be diverted by their constant stream of daily tasks, leaving them little room to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Your IT support provider should epitomize the expertise you lack. But the reality is, many IT support providers fail to uphold this standard. Their own cybersecurity measures might not meet the criteria you’d expect, and their lack of prioritization could extend to your data’s safety.

Is your IT support company avoiding the cloud?

In the ever-evolving world of IT support, finding the right synergy between your network configuration and hardware is extremely important.

Unfortunately, tales from our clients highlight the disconnect they faced with previous IT support providers. Some were pushed towards unnecessary high-end servers, while others grappled with underperforming equipment that fell short of expectations. 

Our commitment lies in reshaping this narrative, delivering tailored solutions that resonate with genuine value.

The cloud offers secure data storage across global servers, enabling you to access your information from anywhere, at any time. Losing a device becomes a minor hiccup, as your data remains safeguarded and easily restorable. Don’t let your IT support provider hold you back.

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manufacturing managed services

Have you outgrown your current IT provider?

As your business grows and flourishes, its technological demands evolve, and the capabilities of your IT support partner should follow suit. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where support requests remain unanswered, where the flow of recommendations has slowed, or where you require a higher level of assistance, the time might be ripe for change.

Consider this a proactive move – a step towards enhancing your business’s operational efficiency. When your IT support needs grow, it’s likely your current partner has recognized this too. In fact, a conscientious partner would prioritize this discussion, ensuring the transition is seamless and mutually beneficial.

Trust us, this transition doesn’t come with hard feelings.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to start looking into new IT providers that can meet your needs and scale with you as your business continues to grow.

Benefits and drawbacks of the "One Man Show."

There are many archetypes when it comes to IT companies. One that is all too familiar we like to call the “one man show.” This is one guy who does IT for clients out of a basement or garage. 

Although there are a few benefits to this kind of IT service, the drawbacks outweigh them when you’re running a small to medium sized manufacturing company.

The one man show might promote themselves as being able to offer personalized attention, around-the-clock service, and cost-effectiveness, and sometimes that’s true. However, the reality is that a one man show cannot scale their IT support as your business expands. 

You need to keep yourself aware of risk of dependency when it comes to their services and also time and availability constraints that can be more damaging than beneficial to your operations.

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manufacturer's guide for purchasing it

Our guide to help you find the right IT company for your manufacturing business!

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Is Sabre the IT service you deserve?

Sabre is all about manufacturing, (with a smattering of other industrial businesses).  We don’t have dentists, lawyers, insurance, retail stores or other non-manufacturing businesses as clients/

Our business is about understanding what a manufacturing company needs. 

Whether that is:

  • SolidWorks, Pro Engineer, Inventor or some other CAD software
  • Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor or some other ERP software
  • WiFi inventory management
  • Old Windows XP machines that are running a million dollars of production and cannot be replaced
  • Weird old equipment connected to Plasma Cutters or MMC machines 
We’ve seen it all!


Discover the exceptional IT service you deserve with Sabre Limited. With our expert team and round-the-clock support, you can be confident that your IT needs are in capable hands. Experience improved network connectivity, enhanced efficiencies, and uninterrupted operations.

Read some of our customer testimonials below, and please consider Sabre as your IT company.

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“Sabre IT has been the trusted computer services partner at Metrican for over 10 years now. We have used them for all our IT projects because they have proven themselves to be 100% reliable and offer great value. The team at Sabre is absolutely top-notch, and the company is great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for computer services of any kind”
Metrican logo
Anna Sanchez
Executive Vice President & CFO, Metrican
“Sabre is extremely capable when it comes to service and support for all your hardware and networking needs. Whether you want to upgrade your servers, desktops, internet, phone systems, or your entire network infrastructure, Sabre has a skilled team of IT professionals to guide you every step of the way. We could not ask for a better partner to help keep our technology current and we look forward to learning more from them as we grow our business.”
Fischer Group logo
Grace Udit
IT Manager, Fischer Canada
“Working with Sabre has increased our productivity. They provide fast support and maintain our network so that we encounter fewer issues meaning less downtime, and fewer calls for support, therefore making our business more efficient and productive. Sabre has stabilized our network, computers, and internet, and made it more reliable, allowing us to get more work done. I would recommend Sabre IT Solutions for anyone looking for Managed IT Services.”
Business Central Testimonial
Katherine Silver
President, Bearing Bronze
"Sabre has top-notch consultants on their team that really understand manufacturing processes. I’ve worked with other teams in the past, and Sabre by far exceeded my expectations."
Sabre Reviews
Natalie Thomas
Customer Service, IT and Inventory Leader, Vitracoat

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