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Dynamics 365 Business Central Prices

Unique Fixed Fee Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training and implementation programs and current Microsoft Software Pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVIS

Dynamics 365 Business
Central Training Prices

Pick the type of manufacturing business that most closely matches your own and download the pricelist. Contact us at any time to review and find out what level you should pick.

Production Manufacturing Implementation

(make-to-stock or make-to-order)

Job Shop Manufacturing Implementation

Engineer to Order Implementation

Project Manufacturing Implementation

Commercial Printing Implementation

Packaging Manufacturing Implementation

Label Printing Implementation

Wide Format Printing Implementation

Sabre Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Comes in Three Simple Levels.


Our Bronze Dynamics 365 Business Central Training packages are designed for small manufacturing companies, or businesses who want to get started with just the basics of the system.

With Business Central manufacturing training under the Bronze program, we focus on the 80/20 rule, and implement the 20% of the features that you need 80% of the time.

For most customers, Bronze only requires the Essentials modules of Business Central.

It is the best way for the smaller manufacturer to get going.

Starting at $30,000
Starting at $xxxxx


The Silver Dynamics 365 Business Central Training package is designed for the SMB manufacturing company that is definitely too big for the Bronze package, but needs a right-sized, basic implementation of Microsoft Dynamics.

Silver includes more core features of Business Central, and usually excludes advanced features like Lot/Serial control or multi-warehouse/plant level MRP and MPS.

Silver packages usually come with basic Dynamics 365 Sales Professional training, Insightworks (or PrintVis) shop floor data collection and many other features.

Starting at $45,000
Starting at $xxxxx


Most manufacturing companies of any level of complexity are able to be up and running with a strong foundation using our Gold implementation.

Companies that have complex mixed-mode (like advanced project manufacturers) or complex processes (such as label or packaging) often need the Gold level training.

Gold includes all the core financial modules, advanced warehousing, complex MRP and MPS processes, job ganging and Lot/Serial tracking or dimensional inventory via variants.

Gold is our most popular package size.

Starting at $70,000
Starting at $xxxxx


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Training for Manufacturing

We have developed the Sabre System, our unique Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Program for Manufacturers.

The Sabre System is a fixed fee training program designed for manufacturers purchasing Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) either on their own or from a provider.

Our fixed fee Dynamics 365 Business Central training program for manufacturing is comprised of training, coaching, project management, data loading and consulting services designed to guide you to the most successful implementation possible. We focus on the right level of use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system to get you up and running in record time.  

Need an Analysis on your Business Needs?

If you’re not quite sure where to start with a new ERP system for your business, Sabre can provide you with an in-depth ERP needs analysis using an optimized process tailored for small and medium organizations. This will help you achieve great results and ensure that you get what you’re looking for from an ERP purchase and implementation.