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Learn about our unique Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training and implementation program tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Training

We have developed the Sabre System, our unique Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Program for Manufacturers.

The Sabre System is a training program designed for manufacturers purchasing Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) either on their own or from a provider.

Our training program is comprised of fixed-fee consulting services designed to cut out unnecessary activities. In addition, it focus on advanced use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system and gets your staff using the system in record time.  

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Learn how to connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business. Chart financial performance in real time with built-in Power BI dashboards.

Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance.

Refine financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions. Customize reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.


Business Central uses built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. You can purchase only what you need with dynamically updated inventory levels.

The system helps you maintain the right amount of inventory by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. In addition, it suggests substitutes when requested items are out of stock.

You will be able to get recommendations on when to pay vendors, to use vendor discounts, or avoid overdue penalties. Furthermore, prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through approval workflows.


Use Business Central at its full extent to generate sales forecasts and expected stock-outs. The system automatically generates production plans and creates purchase orders.

You will get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. In addition, you will also be able to track every item transaction and movement by setting up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.

One special feature of the system is designed to help you calculate and optimize manufacturing capacity and resources. This enables you to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.


Let Business Central create, manage, and track customer projects using timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Besides this feature, the system can develop, modify, and control budgets to ensure project profitability.

Your business will be able to manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales. Another thing that will boost performance is invoice tracking for customers against planned costs on orders and quotes.

The system enables you to make effective decisions with real-time insight on project status, profitability, and resource-usage metrics.

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