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Let our customers tell you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and our training and implementation program helped their business achieve their goals.

Manufacturing Success Stories

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“I would highly recommend Sabre. We did a lot of work in a short period of time, and that could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t, and a lot of that has to do with Sabre.”
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Robert Billings

Production Coordinator, Cooke & Denison

“I’m very happy with the overall process. Our initial meeting was great, the staff you allocated for this project were very knowledgeable, and the guidance you gave was very clear. I think Sabre is the greatest company to work with on a Dynamics 365 Implementation.”
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Ariana Kamberi

Financial Controller, Algreen

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“There were 2 main things that stood out about Sabre. The first was that Sabre’s years of experience with PrintVis and in the print industry really shone through as their core focus. The second is that Sabre is a nimble company that has the ability to move quickly and efficiently. They really have a solid PrintVis implementation expertise.”

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Parag Patel

Managing Director / CIO, ePac Flexible Packaging

“PrintVis is the right choice for the company that is intending to grow and they understand the need to invest early on in a solution before it’s too late. With our growth, we required software that would be robust and consistent for pricing out jobs, and where anyone like a CSR or Project Manager could be trained to use the system to provide accurate and valuable information on products and costs to any customers who call or walk-in.”

PrintVis Landmark Grafix

John Sharp

Owner, Landmark Grafix

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“Sabre and the founders of PrintVIS were behind us every step of the way and were very thorough in terms of their responses. We’re very happy with the support we have received from both companies and the depth of knowledge coming from the Sabre team has made the implementation and training seamless. Picking a partner for PrintVIS implementation and training is one of the most important business decisions a company can make in our industry. Working with Sabre has been a great experience for us.”

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Richard Kouwenhoven

President & COO, Hemlock

“Business central has given us a 30% increase in productivity across all departments which is amazing. It’s a much more efficient system, and we no longer spend time trying to organize the work or search for information, we can just get the work done. “

Business Central Testimonial

Katherine Silver

President, Bearing Bronze

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“Manufacturers should absolutely use Sabre for their Business Central implementation. The team was very professional, responsive and extremely knowledgeable and that’s exactly what you need when you’re putting a project like this together. They provide good advice and helpful tips. You can tell they’ve gone through many implementations before. We found working with Sabre to do our implementation to be a very enjoyable process.”

ELS Logo PrintVis
Richard Kat

VP Sales & Marketing, Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS)

“Sabre has top-notch consultants on their team that really understand manufacturing processes. They really provide more of a concierge service because not only do they know the software, they use their manufacturing knowledge to guide you through the process and implementation. I’ve worked with other implementation teams in the past, and Sabre by far exceeded my expectations.”

Sabre Reviews

Natalie Thomas

Customer Service, IT and Inventory Leader, Vitracoat

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“We’re delighted with the implementation of PrintVis by Sabre Limited. The team was patient and careful as we set up the system, walking us through every step of the way! Sabre’s fixed-fee approach worked out great because it meant there weren’t any surprises or hidden costs along the way.”

Baugh Graphic Finishing House
Dave Hurdle

Vice President at Baugh Graphic Finishing House

“I was out looking online for the different characteristics of the ERP systems available to see which would be the best fit. I ended up watching a bunch of Sabre demo and training videos which showed me that Business Central is a perfect fit for my manufacturing set-up. I thought why not go with this company that has already helped me with their videos that are online? I would definitely recommend Sabre to other Manufacturing businesses looking to implement Business Central.”

Sabre reviews

Craig O'Brien

Operations Manager, Classic Enterprises

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“If you are looking for a company with strong computer skills, who keep your systems running smoothly, and who is quick and responsive when something bad happens – we would strongly recommend you contact Sabre IT.”

BDFP & Associates LLP logo

Andrew Bleecker

Partner, BDFP & Associates LLP

“When hiring consultants, there are dangers in going too cheap and too expensive. Cheaper firms may not have good training programs in place for their staff. Large firms with expensive rates may be no better than medium firms, and you can end up wasting a lot of money for the same results. I find Sabre to be in the middle range of pricing. More importantly, their billing practices are extremely fair, so in the end, they are great value for the money.”

Senior Flexonics logo

Carl Hall

IT Manager, Senior Flexonics Canada

“We needed to satisfy some very aggressive Cyber Security requirements for our Cloud-based business to be insured and get off the ground. Sabre IT was amazing at helping us prove that we had first-rate protection from intrusion. As a start-up entering a complicated market, obtaining acceptable insurance is critical for our investors and stakeholders. Given the dangers of cybercrime today, we needed the expertise and skill of Sabre to make that possible. Thank you for helping me build my start-up business!”

RideON Canada logo

Ali Akbar

Director, Operations, RideON Canada

“Sabre is extremely capable when it comes to service and support for all your hardware and networking needs. Whether you want to upgrade your servers, desktops, internet, phone systems, or your entire network infrastructure, Sabre has a skilled team of IT professionals to guide you every step of the way. We could not ask for a better partner to help keep our technology current and we look forward to learning more from them as we grow our business.”

Fischer Group logo

Grace Udit

IT Manager, Fischer Canada

“We are very happy with the service and skills of Sabre IT. Their professional team handles all our IT needs, and we would recommend them to anyone interested in high quality IT support team.”

Automated Solutions and Products (ASAP) logo

Cathy Field

Controller/ Office Manager, Automated Solutions and Products (ASAP)

“I just want to say how happy we are with your services, especially with this server installation. Your team at Sabre IT did an outstanding job here at Pride Bodies and should be commended with the “seamless” server upgrade. All your service reps have represented your company with professionalism and courtesy. They were accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly. Looking forward to working with your team in future challenges.”

Pride Bodies logo

John Kaszar

IT Specialist, Pride Bodies

“Working with Sabre has increased our productivity. They provide fast support and maintain our network so that we encounter fewer issues meaning less downtime, and fewer calls for support, therefore making our business more efficient and productive. Sabre has stabilized our network, computers, and internet, and made it more reliable, allowing us to get more work done. I would recommend Sabre IT Solutions for anyone looking for Managed IT Services.”

Katherine Silver

President, Bearing Bronze

“Sabre IT has been the trusted computer services partner at Metrican for over 10 years now. We have used them for all our IT projects because they have proven themselves to be 100% reliable and offer great value. The team at Sabre is absolutely top-notch, and the company is great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for computer services of any kind”

Metrican logo

Anna Sanchez

Executive Vice President & CFO, Metrican

“I decided to contact Sabre because I wanted a reliable, professional technology partner who could help me grow my business. Robert was excellent, and his team provided great service from the start. Sabre is always quick to respond to any issues, and I’ve been delighted with our experience working with them.”

Conerstone Courier Logo

Kevin Harding

CEO, Cornerstone Courier Inc.

“We were using almost entirely Excel and a home-grown Access database to manage inventory and production. The inventory was consistently inaccurate and we were spending almost $150,000 in air freight alone to stay on top of things”…”We now have much better visibility of inventory, and are finding out about part shortages before they happen; a significant improvement. We are seeing a reduction in air-freight costs and an increase in employee efficiency after just 3 months of using the system.”
O_Two Medical Logo

Kim Lassaline

President, O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.

“Our Visual ERP system was in a state where we had to decide to either invest in an update to a system we felt was not modern or replace it with something that would grow with us over the next 10 years”…”The NAV system reports are 1000x better than the ones in our old ERP. With Sabre’s help we’ve created a few really inexpensive reports, and this small investment is saving us thousands of dollars in effort. Even more important, we were able to export our Item list to excel, update prices and re-import it ourselves. This gave us the ability to finally pass on a price increase (after 10 years) and will generate $125,000 a year of revenues!”

JMG Metal Thumb

Chris Meilenner

President, JMG Metal Inc

“The Sabre approach helped Grissin Bon implement Dynamics 365 Business Central in a structured and guided manner. One thing that stood out was the good communication created by having regularly scheduled, reliable meetings a couple of times a week during the project. This allowed the project to move smoothly and consistently without the peaks and valleys that sometimes happens in ERP projects.”

Franco Veglio

CEO, Grissin Bon Ltd

“Erie Architectural is very happy with the results from our upgrade from NAV to Business Central.  The speed difference is incredible and our productivity rate went way up!  I was extremely impressed by the service the Sabre team provided during the upgrade, and they are a real pleasure to work with.  Everyone is courteous and willing to help.”
Erie Architectural Logo

Kathy Vandersluis

Special Projects Manager, Erie Architectural

“Sabre takes the time to examine your individual business goals to help you make the best decisions when implementing, training, using and maintaining MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Their consultants actually know and understand the software they are supporting, and they tailor both support and training to the specific needs of your organization.”
Fischer Logo

Grace Udit

IT Manager, Fischer CANADA / USA

“If you had pitched this whole process of remote implementation to us prior to COVID, vs having someone on site to walk us through this project, we would have looked for a local partner and not considered a company in another country. When we researched Business Central, we found the helpful videos produced by Sabre online. That made it clear to us that this was a company we could partner with. The way they presented the information to us remotely using their YouTube videos was excellent, so we were assured that remote training would not be a problem for Sabre.”

Testimonial Business Central

Matt Bordoni

Head of Manufacturing, System Studies Inc.