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Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing

Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing is an industry-leading cloud solution for Small and Medium businesses. Sabre is the leading Business Central partner for training and implementation.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Dynamics 365 Business Central Job Shop Manufacturing Testimonial
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“I would highly recommend Sabre. We did a lot of work in a short period of time, and that could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t, and a lot of that has to do with Sabre.”
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Robert Billings

Production Coordinator, Cooke & Denison

Dynamics 365 Business Central Testimonial Bearing Bronze
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“Business central has given us a 30% increase in productivity across all departments which is amazing. It’s a much more efficient system, and we no longer spend time trying to organize the work or search for information, we can just get the work done. “

Business Central Testimonial

Katherine Silver

President, Bearing Bronze

Dynamics 365 Business Central Sabre ETO Addon Testimonial
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“Manufacturers should absolutely use Sabre for their Business Central implementation. The team was very professional, responsive and extremely knowledgeable and that’s exactly what you need when you’re putting a project like this together. They provide good advice and helpful tips. You can tell they’ve gone through many implementations before. We found working with Sabre to do our implementation to be a very enjoyable process.”

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Richard Kat

VP Sales & Marketing, Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS)

Matt Bordoni
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“If you had pitched this whole process of remote implementation to us prior to COVID, vs having someone on site to walk us through this project, we would have looked for a local partner and not considered a company in another country. When we researched Business Central, we found the helpful videos produced by Sabre online. That made it clear to us that this was a company we could partner with. The way they presented the information to us remotely using their YouTube videos was excellent, so we were assured that remote training would not be a problem for Sabre.”

Testimonial Business Central

Matt Bordoni

Head of Manufacturing, System Studies Inc.

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“I was out looking online for the different characteristics of the ERP systems available to see which would be the best fit. I ended up watching a bunch of Sabre demo and training videos which showed me that Business Central is a perfect fit for my manufacturing set-up. I thought why not go with this company that has already helped me with their videos that are online? I would definitely recommend Sabre to other Manufacturing businesses looking to implement Business Central.”

Sabre reviews

Craig O'Brien

Operations Manager, Classic Enterprises


Dynamics 365 Business Central
By Manufacturing Type

Engineer to Order

Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Our years of experience in Engineer-to-Order means you can trust us to understand your business, and focus on your needs without the struggle of explaining your processes to consultants who don’t “get it.”

Dynamics 365 Implementation

Make-to-stock Manufacturing

Make-to-order manufacturing involves producing to customer demand, and makes extensive use of the production manufacturing, MRP, build-to-order, purchasing and other capabilities of Dynamics 365 manufacturing.

dynamics 365 business central manufacturing

Job Shop Manufacturing

The classic Job Shop is a small manufacturing company with a collection of equipment that they “outsource” to their customers and are usually subcontractors to larger producers, who bid on quotes.

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Products are assembled and configured based on customer requirements. Usually, a configure to order manufacturer has a “catalog” and for the different products they sell often have “options” that can be selected.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Videos

Dive into the world of Dynamics 365 Business Central with our comprehensive video section. Learn about the latest features and functionalities of this cloud-based ERP system, as well as best practices for implementation and customization. Get hands-on tutorials and expert insights to take your business to the next level. Start watching now and take control of your operations with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines and integrates every need of your manufacturing process from scheduling and planning, to distribution and inventory to financial management and job costing. Dynamics Business Central is an award winning solution from the premier business software company in the world. Dynamics 365 is priced for the Small and Medium manufacturer, and offers a huge selection of world class addon products. Sabre Limited are the leader in North America implementing Microsoft Business Central for manufacturing companies just like yours.

One Integrated System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, projects and customer interactions to get an all-in-one solution for your entire business. You can measure and visualize your business performance using Power BI and the built in dashboards and role centers that come with Dynamics Business Central.

Your manufacturing and supply chain are totally integrated with accounts receivables and payables. There is no double entry required, and the integration dramatically reduces data entry compared to older technologies. Dynamics Business Central assists you in automatically reconciling accounts and reporting on financials quickly and accurately.

Dimensional accounting lets manufacturing companies analyze their data across multiple characteristics such as territory, product line, production methodology etc.… You can customize reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration and adjust form designs with Microsoft Word templates.

Automate & Secure Your Supply Chain

Microsoft Business Central uses the Planning Worksheet to provide a powerful Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) capability. These technologies predict when and what to replenish. Inventory is managed in real-time, allowing you to purchase Just in Time and operate with a highly LEAN approach. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is constantly being enhanced by Microsoft, such as adding Cortana AI technology to assist in sales forecast and utilization calculations.

With Dynamics Business Central you have the ability to control stock levels, lead times, reorder points, lot accumulation periods and other key MRP planning factors out of the box.

A full featured workflow process can help you control new item creation, set purchasing thresholds for approval and control employee materials requisitioning.

Optimize Your Operations

Use Microsoft Business Central at its full extent to generate sales forecasts and prevent stock-outs. By using the planning features and functionality, the system automatically generates production plans and creates purchase orders. Reduce order entry time and gain efficiencies by letting the system do the work for you.

Get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. Track every item transaction and movement at the level you need for maximum efficiency. Manage inventory by bin and location, and use pick orders based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions to speed order fulfillment.

Take advantage of over 1000 addon modules designed to integrate barcode scanning modules, CAD integration, EDI, credit card processing, optimized production scheduling, data analysis and many more all ready to use in Dynamics Business Central.

Keep Projects On Time & Under Budget

Let Dynamics 365 Business Central manage your project manufacturing with its powerful Jobs module and Sabre’s Engineer to Order addon (Sabre ETO). Manage engineer and technician time with time-sheets, and use advanced job costing and reporting capabilities to track project status and progress. Use advanced industry addons to visualize project work in Gantt chart formats, and use the integrated MRP modules with the Project Manufacturing capabilities to optimize your project purchasing.

Compare your manufacturing costs against budget and forecast, and recognize revenues and expenses through various revenue recognition methodologies such as monthly percent completion.

Engineer-To-Order and Project Manufacturers benefit from Sabre ETO, our unique addition to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing suite. Sabre ETO adds easy to use requisitioning and procurement directly to your project bills of material.

Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing in Business Central

Among all the Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing partners in North America, Sabre is the one that specializes the most on custom manufacturing in Business Central (also called engineer-to-order). We have made this a core part of our business such that we publish Sabre ETO, an addon for Business Central custom fabrication.

Here are some key pain points Dynamics 365 Business Central for manufacturing will address in an ETO setting.

  • Agile BOM management during the project.
  • Ensuring the ordering and tracking of long lead time items.
  • Collecting engineering and project management hours to projects for costing.
  • Real-time project to-date cost analysis vs forecast and budget.
  • Controlling the workflow of communication between design and purchasing.
  • Tracking capacity for your assembly teams.
  • WIP, Revenue recognition and Progress Invoicing for your accounting team.
custom engineering with business central
business central for make-to-stock

Make to Stock Manufacturing in Business Central

At Sabre we use the term production manufacturing to refer to make-to-stock and make-to-order manufacturing. Production is a standard module in Microsoft Business Central manufacturing implementations.

What distinguishes the two from each other are the way they plan their finished goods production. Make-to-stock companies produce their products without having orders in hand. They usually sell the same product to many customers, and as such rely on their own sales and marketing teams to define how much product they need to make.

Here are some key Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing features for make-to-stock:

  • Inventory and warehouse management of both raw and finished goods.
  • Material Resource Planning and Master Production Scheduling (MRP and MPS).
  • Demand and sales forecasts to drive MPS and eventually MRP.
  • Version control over Bills of Material and Routings.
  • And many more…

Business Central for Make to Order Manufacturing

A close cousin of make-to-stock is make-to-order manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing fits extremely well with make to order. 

These companies will only produce parts once a customer has ordered it. They are almost always designs their customers provide them, and they negotiate customer specific pricing contracts over long periods of time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central handles this type of manufacturing extremely well “out of the box.”

Here are some key Dynamics 365 make-to-stock features:

  • Track customer orders to production natively in the Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing module.
  • Control inventory with Material Resource Planning (MRP).
  • Gain visibility of inventory in your warehouse with native Business Central manufacturing modules.
  • Ensure your order desk chooses the right price for your sales with built in customer contract pricing.
  • And many more…
dynamics 365 make-to-order business central
business central job shop manufacturing

Job Shop Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing

Most manufacturing companies start as a Job Shop and then eventually fall into one of the other 3 types shown here. 

The Job Shop makes small runs (sometimes one item, sometimes batches of items) of custom manufactured parts for their customers. They might involve their own design engineering work or might be based on a customer’s pre-done design.

They usually produce a lot of quotations, and win some and lose some. Tracking the costs of their production vs the quote is very important, as is purchasing materials to the specific job they do.

Here are some key Business Central job shop features:

  • Produce and track quotes for customers.
  • Buy materials to jobs.
  • Gain visibility of purchased materials for production.
  • Review job profit and performance.
  • And many more…

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