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Sabre Managed IT Services for manufacturing includes fantastic benefits!

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Sabre Limited Helpdesk Services

It’s not enough to keep your computers running great if you also need your key people to be able to get help, support and training when they need it.

Help Desk services from Sabre is about people, not computers. It’s the extra services so your users are supported.

Your car warranty doesn’t cover when you run out of gas, or blow a tire on the highway, or need a loaner car for a while. Preventive maintenance from Sabre doesn’t cover when a user has trouble accessing a web site, or needs a password change, or can’t print despite the printer seeming to work fine.

You can forgo a Helpdesk if you just want to pay for these services by the hour as needed.

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Ticketing System | Professional Team | Communication

Know What's Going On

Our helpdesk services team uses a ticketing system that tracks every call, email or ticket entered by your staff. We can let you know how quickly they are resolved, who raises the most tickets, and how many tickets a month your team raises. This information is invaluable to your business and ours.

Constant Training

Not only does our team need to certify with technology to work for us, but they need to learn and certify in people! Every member of our team has to complete customer service training every year. Nobody is perfect, and IT folks can be difficult to follow – but our team are taught to keep it simple and friendly.

Customer Success

Among our key team members are is the customer success manager. Your customer success manager is all about keeping you in the loop. They are not a “techy” person. They are a people person. Their job is to keep things on track, and communicate with your regularly and clearly.

Cloud Ready and Cloud Focused

As part of our helpdesk services, Sabre team members will assist you with using and managing cloud services. Sabre are primarily Office 365 focused, and as such we recommend customers use SharePoint and OneDrive as their primary file storage for Office 365 apps and files.

We understand that CAD files and other large graphic files are probably not suited to SharePoint (it can get expensive!). That said, we recommend customers store Word, Excel, PDF and other common “office staff” files in the cloud – for both the convenience and the security of the environment.

Our helpdesk services staff are experts at helping your team migrate to cloud services like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and many more.


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CAD $99 USD $75 / Month

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