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Production Manufacturing

Make-to-order manufacturing involves producing to customer demand, and makes extensive use of the production manufacturing, MRP, build-to-order, purchasing and other capabilities of Dynamics 365 manufacturing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVIS

Dynamics 365 Business Central is built for production manufacturing. As Microsoft’s flagship ERP for the Small and Medium manufacturer, Sabre feels is perfectly suited for those SMP Production Manufactures that need ERP functionality they can grow into.

The Production Manufacturer has generally developed a line of products for sale. They are not making products based on a customer’s designs or engineering specifications. They manufacture product as it’s ordered, or use forecasts to produce goods for stock to reduce order lead time. They generally have their own engineering staff; manage drawings, stock raw materials, track work in progress, etc.. They typically maintain a price book – as they might sell exactly the same item to different customers for different prices.

Dynamics GP Manufacturing

Production Challenges and Needs

Business Central features for Production

Production Manufacturing Videos

Elevate your production manufacturing with Microsoft Business Dynamics! Our comprehensive videos will guide you through the features and capabilities of this innovative platform, helping you to streamline your operations and increase productivity. Upgrade your manufacturing process and get ahead of the competition with Microsoft Business Dynamics.

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