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Managed IT Services for Manufacturers

Maintaining the Infrastructure and People driving your Digital Transformation

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Managed IT services for Manufacturers

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Are you a manufacturing company looking for reliable IT infrastructure without the hassle of managing it yourself? Look no further than IT managed services for manufacturing

Partnering with a reputable managed IT services provider can give you the peace of mind that your IT systems are always up and running, so you can focus on your core business activities. 

Managed IT services for manufacturing companies include network and server management, data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, and 24/7 technical support. By outsourcing your IT management, you can prevent costly downtime and security breaches, ensuring that you remain competitive in your industry.

Enable Your Digital Transformation

I like to tell the story of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, which was caused by the electrification of our infrastructure and the introduction of the internal combustion engine. A picture of New York in 1900 had horses, trains, trams and gas lights. A picture in 1920 of the same place has electric streetcars, delivery trucks, cars and electric lights. All that change in less than 20 years!

The 4th Industrial Revolution is just as impressive. We have smart refrigerators, smart homes, cars that “phone in” their status to the dealers, and production equipment that tells us how productive they are.

Manufacturing digital transformation means the adoption of new ERP technologies (like Dynamics 365), new ways to service our products (with added IoT), new sales and contact methods. It is powered by the internet, 5G, mini computers, Millennials and ultra-rapid change.

With Digital Transformation comes the risks of Cyber Crime, drastically increased reliance on connectivity and technology to work, and incredible opportunity.

Sabre helps manufacturing companies navigate and manage all of this!

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Cyber Crime and Manufacturing

Digital Transformation is making manufacturing companies more reliant on technology, and criminal organizations know this. There is a massive criminal economy that wants nothing more than to extort money from you if they can.

As a manufacturing business owner or executive, if you don’t care much about cyber security, or think it’s a problem other people need to deal with – then our IT services are not for you. 

Everything we do in our Managed IT Services for manufacturing companies is based on the Cyber Security requirements of insurance companies and/or controlled goods certifications for military and law enforcement. 

Our Most popular package is specifically modeled after the most common requirements on Cyber Insurance forms.


FOUR basic elements of sabre managed it services

If you are embarking on a Digital Transformation for your manufacturing company, Managed IT Services are a critical part of the success and safety of that journey. Sabre IT Managed Services for Manufacturing Companies is made up of 4 core components hat you pick from.

1. ERP Services

Not every customer needs ERP services, but if you are a Dynamics 365 manufacturing customer, you may be interested in our Business Excellence Managed ERP program.

2. System Maintenance

This service is the core of good IT services and is absolutely required in almost every circumstance. Advanced packages also incorporate Sabre Cybersecurity Services.

3. Help Desk

Optional support for your staff. Businesses that have strong teams that are tech-savvy often manage themselves, but most opt for Helpdesk Services for manufacturing IT. 

4. Fractional CIO

If your manufacturing business is serious about Digital Transformation, a vCIO can be the facilitator, coach, leader and expert you need. Sabre offers various levels of vCIO.

Managed Services are a basic Cyber Security Requirement

Prevent Downtime | Identify Threats | Discover Bad Behavior | Stay Compliant

Insurance companies are now requiring Managed IT Services for manufacturers when providing Cyber Insurance coverage. You will be ready to answer the questions provided by insurers, as we design our packages based on what they are requiring today. In addition, customers selling to the Department of Defense need advanced Cyber Security to achieve a CMMC certification. Sabre delivers many of the requirements of CMMC compliance certification with our packages.

When Sabre Limited manages your computer systems, we use a system with AI like features to actively monitor critical hardware, computers and servers. This is sometimes called a Network Operations Center, and is the core feature of top tier Managed IT Services for Manufacturing as provided by Sabre Limited.
  • You benefit from the special software installed on each computer that monitors each device so we keep our eyes on what is happening.  
  • Your downtime will be kept to a minimum as we detect and resolve hardware errors before they get out of control.
  • We identify bad behavior, and hold staff accountable (and block installing software they should not).
  • Sleep well knowing cyber risks are lowered as we lock down all computers to dissuade malicious actors. 
  • Stay compliant with the patching requirements of Cyber Insurance companies and CMMC.
  • Windows 7, XP and even older systems are isolated and locked down allowing you to keep those old systems needed to run production and stay safe.

Sabre Managed IT Services For Manufacturers

The four pillars of Sabre’s IT Services for Manufacturing are: Proactive Maintenance; Help Desk; vCIO Services, and the Starter Package.

With these core areas we can support manufacturing companies it system requirements.

Proactive Maintenance

Prevent Downtime | Identify Threats | Discover Bad Behavior | Stay Compliant

As a manufacturing company, you know that downtime costs you money and disrupts your business. Our Proactive System Maintenance limits and prevents downtime for your knowledge workers and production environment in the same modern cars detect problems remotely. 

Our Secure Proactive maintenance combines our Cyber Security with Proactive Maintenance and is a minimum requirement of modern Cyber Security insurers. Why is that? Because they pay out a lot less in settlements when this activity is done. We think that’s reason enough to invest in managed services and computer maintenance.


Help Desk

Improve Productivity | Expert Timely Help | Fast Results | Happy Staff

Sabre Help Desk services are an optional part of our IT Support for Manufacturing companies. It is the most popular service we offer, almost always added with our proactive maintenance. Our Sabre help desk team are professional, and excellent at working with your team to deal with issues quickly and efficiently.

Your staff will enjoy working with team members who are required to re-certify annually in customer service best practices. Customers provide regular CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) feedback, and we’re proud to run at a 97.5% “happy” rating from all customers. Your team will get fast service with a high performing staff that are experts at IT.

vCIO Services

Prevent Downtime | Identify Threats | Discover Bad Behavior | Stay Compliant

The Sabre Limited fractional CIO (or vCIO) is an extra service option to augment your C-Level organization (CFO, COO, CEO etc). The vCIO is a leader who works with your executive team to define and plan for your Digital Transformation and manufacturing managed IT services needs. 

Sabre Limited vCIO services provide you with a senior leader to help guide decision-making and planning. Your personal vCIO is there to help explain the complexities of digital transformation in manufacturing. Sabre helps customers avoid obsolete technology, select the right services and tools and maximize your path to greater profitability and efficiencies. .

Starter Package

Enterprise Class | High Performing | Top Tier Reliability | Built for Hybrid Work

Over the years Sabre has found that a good foundation for your IT systems requires a great network. As modern manufacturing moves to the cloud, having the most reliable network possible becomes critical. Cloud solutions from vendors like Microsoft are fantastic, but are only as good as the weakest link in the chain.

To support outstanding remote management and maximum reliability, Sabre requires all manufacturing Managed IT Services customers to purchase our Starter Package. This package contains key equipment required for the operation of your network. It includes tools that allow us to manage that network remotely, safely and without needing to send “boots on the ground” staff to fix issues. 

Helpdesk Service Packages



CAD $45 USD $36 / Month

Most Popular


CAD $75 USD $60 / Month

Proactive Maintenance Packages for Endpoints



CAD $32 USD $25 / Month

Most Popular


CAD $64 USD $50 / Month

This service combines Economy Maintenance and Security Plus Cyber Security.

Save 5% off the Price of Cybersecurity + Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance Packages for Servers

Host Server Package

CAD $80 USD $68 / Month

Virtual or Operating Server Package

CAD $160 USD $135 / Month

Cloud Management Package

CAD $185 USD $150 / Month

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Our Help Desk team are very familiar with common CAD packages (usually Inventor, AutoCAD, Solid Works and Pro Engineer). That said, we’re not design engineers and although we can install, patch and address technical problems – we can’t train or work with engineers to use the product in day-to-day design.

That said, we partner with CAD software vendors and service partners and can make recommendations if you need help. 

So be sure to schedule a call with our experts about managed IT services for manufacturers. Not only are they experts in IT, they’re also experts in manufacturing!

First of all, you should definitely get cyber insurance!

That said, insurance companies have been paying out 5 x more settlements than they’ve been collecting in premiums. Of course that’s a bad business strategy for the insurers. It means the cyber criminals are super effective. 

Insurance companies are creating a set of requirements and recommendations they have found keep their costs and losses to a minimum. Obviously, if you don’t have the insurance you need to at least follow their recommended minimum standards.

Preventive maintenance is something that has to be done predictably, provably and regularly. Our proactive maintenance packages log our activities, and allow us to prove that we are patching, maintaining, monitoring and managing your systems before something breaks.

Help desk is something that is done as needed, and usually very strong end-users need a lot less help desk. Some customers are super stars at using and fixing their own computers. Helpdesk isn’t that useful for those customers. 

Also, some customers have a lot of “general use” computers where the user doesn’t need helpdesk. For that reason it is not required for every computer.

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