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These training videos focus on basic usability skills for different features available on the Sabre ETO Add-on



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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you have run the Sabre Subscription wizard and selected the proper subscription. This is accessed from the Company Information screen in the action bar.

In the Job Setup the first two fields are to indicate the permission set for a Designer or a Planner. You assign the permission sets to the user from the USERS list. Sabre ETO should automatically create and use a Sabre ETO Planner and Sabre ETO Designer permission set. If you wish the change this, set your own permission sets in the Job Setup page.

With the Premium subscription you can indicate the invoice currency on the planning line and invoice based off that.

You must create these permission sets. You do not need to add details in terms of reports, pages etc. We just need the “Set” created.

Ensure the Job Task line has the “Bom Task” Boolean enabled.

The BOM Import function supports Items and General Ledger Accounts.

You would split the planning line into two lines. The first line you can disposition to relieve from inventory and the other you can buy to job.