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Relieve from Inventory Function

Job Setup and User Defined Fields

Item Types Page to support BOM

Insert Assembly Function

Forecast Function

Job Enhancements Introduction

Designer VS Planner Roles

Build to Job Function

Request for Quote Function

Q: Why can’t I see Sabre ETO functionality?

A: Ensure you have run the Sabre Subscription wizard and selected the proper subscription.

Q: Where do I find the ETO Designer or ETO Planner Permission Set?

A: You must create these permission sets. You do not need to add details in terms of reports, pages etc. We just need the “Set” created.

Q: Where do I indicate which permission sets are for either a planner or a designer?

A: In the Job Setup the first two fields are to indicate the permission set for a Designer or a Planner.

Q: Why can’t I access BOM Planning Lines?

A: Ensure the Job Task line has the “Bom Task” Boolean enabled.

Q: Why can’t I create a Production Order using the “Build to Job” function and my Job Setup is Production Orders?

A: This is available only as a Premium Subscription.

Q: Can I import only Item Lines through the BOM Import function?

A: The BOM Import function supports Items and General Ledger Accounts.

Q: Can I invoice a Planning Line in another currency than the Invoice Currency?

A: With the Premium subscription you can indicate the invoice currency on the planning line and invoice based off that.

Q: What do I do if I want to take some inventory from inventory but purchasing the remaining quantity?

A: You would split the planning line into two lines. The first line you can disposition to relieve from inventory and the other you can buy to job.

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