Business Central Engineer to Order Pricing

The Small Print

Project Excellence is $140 USD/ $175 CAD per user per month during training - minimum 10 users. 
Only custom programming or on-site activities are not included in your fixed project costs.



$42,000 USD

$52,500 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation
The bronze level is engineer to order pricing meant for smaller or simpler businesses that do not need complex service or manufacturing capabilities.

This project is great to get off the ground quickly with an "out of the box" implementation of all the basic features, leaving anything more advanced for phase 2.
No significant customizations are supported in Bronze projects.  No ISV / 3rd party addons will be used.


$59,000 USD

$73,800 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation
Silver is meant for a typical mid-size or more complex, small engineer to order manufacturer with some field service and basic service parts.

This project still focuses on "out of the box" but leaves more room for advanced features and opens the door to customizations or 3rd party addons.
Limited customizations are supported in Silver projects. Selected ISV / 3rd Party addons are included.  Programming fees and ISV addon licenses are always extra.


$71,000 USD

$88,800 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation
Gold engineer to order pricing is for implementation projects with features required by the most complex engineer to order manufacturers and leaves room for even more complex addons.

Gold projects are eligible to train almost all features of Business Central (not production manufacturing and features not used by any manufacturers).
Customizations of almost any type are supported in Gold projects. Most ISV / 3rd party addons are available.  Programming fees and ISV addon licenses are always extra.



Base Finance

General Ledger Basics, Posting Group Concepts and Setup, Standard P&L and Balance Sheet
Tax Use and Setup
Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, Bank Maintenance
Vendors, AP, Vendor Payments, Customers, AR, Deposits, and Cash Receipts
Manufacturing Concepts for Accountants – Production Costing, WIP, COGS
Foreign Currency (for Canadian Businesses)

Advanced Finance

Dimensional Analysis Overview/Setup
Custom P&L and Balance Sheet Coaching
Sales Prepayments, Accruals and Deferrals, Foreign Currencies (all businesses), Responsibility Centers
Fixed Assets, Accruals, and Deferrals
Cash Flow

Base Trade

Item Management, Perpetual Inventory, FIFO Costing
Core Business Central Relationship Management
Purchase Quotes, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Requisition Worksheet

Advanced Trade

Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Ship-to-Address, National Accounts
Available to Promise and Capable to Promise
Drop Shipping, Blanket Purchase and Sales Orders, Delivery Calendars, Transfer Orders
Planning Worksheet MRP, Advanced Planning Settings
Bin Management and Warehouse Complexity Level 3, Transfer Orders, Warehouse Shipments
Warehouse Picks, Put-Aways, Moves, Receipts
Variants, Lots, and Serial Numbers
Sales Forecasts

Assembly Management

Assembly Bill of Material, Assemble to Order, Assemble to Stock

Base Jobs for Manufacturing

Jobs, Job Tasks, Job Planning Lines
Job Cost Collection, Labor Collection, Buy to Job, Project Complete Costing
Time Card Reporting, Job Journal Entry
Job Budgets vs Actuals

Advanced Jobs for Manufacturing

Any Standard WIP Method (in addition to project complete)
WIP Worksheet Training, Job Price Lists, Advanced WIP Concepts
Any Custom WIP Method (development extra)

Base Service

Jobs for Service
ExpandIT Essentials Field Service
Service Orders, Service Quotes, Service Dispatching, Service Items, Resources
Service Contracts, Root Cause, Failure Codes, Service Charges


Word Template Training
Data Loading Training

Third Party Addons (Require additional licenses)

Netronic Jobs Scheduler Training and Setup
Shop Floor Insights Core Training
Shop Floor Insights Quality and Payroll Setup and Integration
Warehouse Insights WMS Basic Setup and Training, Warehouse Shipments, Receiving vs POs, Picks, PutAways


$42,000 USD

$52,500 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation


$59,000 USD

$73,800 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation


$71,000 USD

$88,800 CAD

Fixed Fee Implementation

Engineer to Order Pricing | Addons

Additional Operating Co.

$4,000 USD

$5,000 CAD

Configure an additional operating company with the same G/L and identical customizations, the same functionality, and report layouts.  Used when you have 2 or more manufacturing facilities that are a separate legal entity.
Complex Warehousing

$7,000 USD

$8,800 CAD

Implement full Complexity 6 Warehouse management as defined in Business Central Design Details for Warehouse Management.  Note that Silver includes Complexity 3 Warehousing which is perfect for 95% of customers.
Production Manufacturing

$9,000 USD

$11,300 CAD

Addon production manuafacturing features BOM, Routing, Production Order Management, Flushing, Planning Worksheet for MPS and MRP.  This is only required for businesses with extensive manufacturing equipment.

Variants , Lots and Serial Nos.

$6,000 USD

$7,500 CAD

Upgrade a Silver Implementation to include Variants, Lots, and Serial number setup and implementation.  This addon upgrade is not available for Bronze customers.
Intercompany Setup

$8,000 USD

$10,000 CAD

Configure Intercompany operations in Business Central, including General Journals, Purchases, Sales, and other standard IC functions.  Included in IC Setup are 2 operating companies (as if you choose the Additional Operating Co. addon) plus one consolidation Co.  
Custom Check Formatting

$3,000 USD

$3,750 CAD

If you have tractor-fed checks, MICR printed, or otherwise use a non-standard (not a laser printed, pre-printed check with one of Check/Stub/Stub, Stub/Stub/Check or Stub/Check/Stub format) you will need this addon.
OnSite Activities

$6,000 USD

$7,500 CAD

This Addon includes 3 days of on-site activities at your location.  Best used for Go-Live Support, Pilot Support, or a Discovery/Kick-Off process.  Excludes travel fees (Mileage or Airfare) and Accommodations.
EDI Integration



EDI or Electronic Document Exchange is often used by large customers placing orders through electronic methods. It is most common for repetitive purchases.  Sabre works with several partners in this space.  The choice of partner is often dictated by your customer.  Read our blog on EDI for more information.
Production Manufacturing

$12,000 USD

$15,000 CAD

Addon production manufacturing features BOM, Routing, Production Order Management, Flushing, Planning Worksheet for MPS and MRP. This is only required for businesses with extensive manufacturing equipment.

Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I know how many users I will need for my business?

We answer this question in a blog meant to help you determine how many users you will need. You can read it here.

How many Project Excellence users do I need to pay for during the implementation?

You have to pay for Project Excellence based on the number of FULL users you will go live with. This is the only way to fairly measure the size of your business and therefore the extra costs that will be associated with the project.  Project Excellence is meant to capture the price difference between a large customer with many users to be trained and a small customer with few.

How do I get a quote for Phase 2 activities (things I want to do after I go live)?

We have found that customers complete many "phase 2" activities on their own with just the continuing support from Sabre after the project ends.  Sometimes a small amount of extra support can be added for brief periods to facilitate continuous process improvement with your team. This is by far the best way to achieve phase 2 activities. Measure the return on investment of each extra task, and execute them so long as they make sense to do.

How much is ongoing support and what is included?

Sabre wants to help your business with ongoing continuous improvement in Business Central. We offer Business Excellence, our premium support program. The cost is $70 USD/$ 87.50 CAD and it is mandatory for the 12 months after your project ends.  Business Excellence entitles you to several benefits:
- Unlimited email and remote support incidents
- Unlimited coaching and consulting engagements (first come first serve)
- Use of our Business Excellence addon module with dozens of helpful features

How long are these projects?

Business Central Engineer to order implementation projects are made up of three phases - Implementation, Go-Live, and Transition.  Implementation varies depending on the tier of your project. Bronze tends to be 5 months, Silver is 7 months and Gold is 9 months in length.  Go-Live is one month.  Transition is two months.  

The average Silver project is 7 months of implementation, followed by a go-live with 1 month of intense support and then 2 months of transition.

Customers who want to add more resources to a project and dedicate more hours can shorten that time significantly. There is a limit on how fast any ERP project can go - usually based on decision making, testing, and training hours available to your team. 

Why don't you include production manufacturing?

Production manufacturing is used in high volume, repetitive manufacturing environments. Engineer to order pricing is designed for ETO manufacturers who almost never make repeat production or even small batches of identical items. If you do make repetitive parts (for components you use yourself or to sell to customers) you probably want Production Manufacturing Pricing or Project Manufacturing Pricing instead.


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