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Architectural Manufacturing ERP

Sabre ETO creates a Dynamics 365 Business Central ETO solution allowing Architectural Manufacturers to manage entire projects from a single dashboard.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVIS

Architectural manufacturing is a sub-type of Engineer-To-Order businesses supplying the construction trades.  If your business would be considered a custom Architectural fabrication trade or custom fabrication for use in construction – then you would fall into this category.  

Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with the Sabre ETO addon makes an excellent architectural manufacturing ERP as it can help manage a number of key requirements of architectural manufacturers. 

  • Uploading data from CAD systems to the ERP as the design process progresses
  • Tracking the status and delivery of sections and zones of the project
  • Tracking material purchased for the entire project
  • Releasing sections or zones to production and tracking status and:
  • Managing costs of the project
business central for architectural manufacturing

A custom architectural manufacturer is a type of Engineer-To-Order manufacturer. You can tell this type of manufacturing apart from more common repetitive or make to order environments. The usually have a significant number of engineering designers on staff. These designers use information provided at a high level by architects to design and build solutions. The engineering team is part of the manufacturing process, in the sense that manufacturing has to wait on drawings to start, and those can sometimes take a long time to be completed. 

Using Business Central to coordinate delivery of product, and the job shop production of their project components is a goal. 

Examples of these kinds of companies:

Custom Architectural Manufacturing Pain Points

There are a number of unique challenges in this space. An architectural manufacturing ERP needs to account for these. From the outside, an architectural manufacturer may look like a high volume production manufacturing company. The reality is that many of these businesses have high product variation – with many variants in small quantities.

Their customers are notorious for not holding to schedules (due to weather and many other causes). Here are some major pain points:

Architectural Manufacturing ERP Requirements

The Sabre ETO solution and Dynamics Business Central offer a number of features that are specifically designed to support this kind of manufacturing. Sabre ETO has been used successfully in these kinds of businesses, and has been enhanced in critical ways to support the unique requirements.

Here are some benefits of Dynamics Business Central ETO in this sub-type of ETO.

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Modern-day business operations can be a challenge to manage, especially in the field of architectural manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an innovative platform that not only streamlines your operations but also helps you improve efficiency and achieve success.

Our informative videos are designed to help you get the most out of this powerful tool and take your architectural manufacturing to the next level. With Business Central, you can easily organize and manage data, design cost-effective strategies, and enhance customer relations. 

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