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Project Manufacturing

The Sabre ETO Addon helps Project Manufacturers to import and control the full BOM structure. Every system including sub assemblies such as an index table can be independently managed and controlled.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVIS

This kind of manufacturing can be called mixed-mode, and involves the mix of ETO and standard manufacturing to make the complete product.

Project Manufacturing is a form of Engineer-To-Order where the business designs and builds complex projects that themselves are made up of more “traditional” manufacturing.

Business Central for ETO is used by Project Manufacturers to manage project costs and control purchasing, manufacturing and scheduling.

Businesses that are Project Manufacturers generally employ a large number of engineer and design staff, and have a full manufacturing shop floor equipped with the CNC and other equipment required for their production. Project Manufacturing is a form of Mixed Mode manufacturing, as it involves both Engineer to Order type work as well as production manufacturing.

Examples of this type of manufacturing might be HVAC manufacturers who supply large buildings with custom heating units or a manufacturer who builds multiple manufacturing production lines for a single facility.

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Project Manufacturing Pain Points

True project manufacturers are a mix of traditional manufacturing and ETO. They could be a large industrial equipment manufacturer who’s products or jobs result in sufficient volume that they begin to standardize. They track everything against projects, and need robust shop floor manufacturing control with labor barcoding. They release work orders to full production and record completion as well as materials used. They have stock and inventory that is used for their manufacturing.

Project manufacturing involves the production of a number of truly manufactured products that results in several pain points.

Business Central ETO Benefits

Sabre ETO with Dynamics Business Central supports a number of features that are specifically designed for project manufacturing. Sabre ETO has designed to enhance the out-of-the-box Business Central system without dramatically changing it’s function.

Here are some benefits of Dynamics Business Central ETO in this sub-type of manufacturer.

Sabre Project Manufacturing Videos

Elevate your project manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central! Our informative videos will guide you through the powerful features of this innovative platform, helping you to streamline your operations, manage resources, and deliver successful projects to your customers. Whether you’re looking to improve project tracking, streamline communication, or gain real-time insights, Business Central has got you covered.

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