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Business Central Manufacturing Addon | Sabre Production

The Sabre Production tool is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing addon that combines a set of features and functions designed for Sabre Limited customers over time.

The Features of Sabre Production

Material Planning Page

An easy to use, simplified MRP view of materials supply and demand

User Defined Fields

A set of user definable fields with configurable titles and types (integer, text, date etc.)

Available to Produce

A page that shows the current Firm/Planned Production orders and using a Red/Yellow/Green system shows material availability for each

In-App Registration and Licensing

Register and License the Sabre Production from within the app

Business Central Addon Training Videos

Material Planning Page

The Material Planning Page is part of the Sabre Production Business Central manufacturing addon – designed to be an easy to use, easy to visualize MRP summary page.

From it you can view Supply and Demand by item in Business Central easily and quickly. Production Orders, Assembly Orders, Purchase Orders and other supply may be created right from the page.

The page automatically updates to show the effect of the new supply on the selected item’s material plan. Visit for information about Sabre Limited Visit for our Sabre Production support page.

User Defined Fields

Sabre has added User Defined fields to Dynamics Business Central to reduce customization and programming time (and save money) required in projects.

Tables where User Defined Fields have been added include:

Item, Sales Order, Sales Lines, Purchase Order, Purchase Lines, Customer, Vendor, Bill of Material, Production orders and others…

Sabre Available to Produce

Available to Produce is a feature designed for material constrained manufacturers.

It is a must-have module for those companies that want to check for material shortages before releasing production orders to their shop floor.

The Available to Produce page uses a Red/Yellow/Green system to identify production orders that have part outages vs part shortages vs part availability. As production orders are released, all remaining Firm/Planned production orders have their material availability updated.

Sabre Production FAQ

Ensure you have run the Sabre Subscription wizard and selected the proper subscription. To access the Sabre Subscription Page open the Company Information Page and select the icon in the Ribbon. You will be asked to activate the trial or subscribe.

Trial – all features available for 30 days

Subscribe – allows you access to all the features.

Once this is done you will be prompted to run the Sabre Production wizard to aid in the basic setups.

if you are having trouble with your billing for Sabre Production, email to get in touch with our billing department. We can issue credits to your credit card via Stripe if required.

Sabre production is billed based on the TOTAL ACTIVE FULL USERS in your Business Central system. This is taken from adding up the USERS registered in your production environment. You must have a Sabre Production license for each of these users, whether they use the full feature set or not.

TEAM MEMBER users do not count towards this cost.