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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT is all about leveraging your own IT team to provide the maximum output and productivity possible. Co-Managed IT services provide your inhouse computer systems administrators with the same tools and capabilities as the professionals in much larger enterprises.

Increase Team Efficiency | Enhance Oversight | Improve IT Response and Resolutions | Expand Cyber Security Protection

What exactly is Co-Managed?

Co-Managed IT is a concept that I first read about in 2019 after attending a conference by Datto, one of our major suppliers. A book called ” I Don’t Want Your Job: Is Co-Managed IT services The Right Fit For You?” was my first written introduction to the concept. I recommend getting it if you want to really understand the process. For the IT company providing Co-Managed, it solves a major problem we have – namely, finding more labor. Letting you and your team handle the day-to-day IT needs of your business saves me hiring more staff. The biggest benefit to Co-Managed IT services is that the time, effort, and investment I have made in tools to automate and simplify IT is leveraged. I benefit by selling you a great tool set. You benefit from the time, effort, and investment I made in setting this up for you. It is truly a Win/Win.

Sabre's Co-Managed IT Services are built on 3 parts

There are three main components to a Co-Managed Services package.

1. The Stack

The stack represents the main software components that Sabre supplies your IT department. Your team will use these tools to increase their efficiency substantially, allowing fewer staff to do more work.

The Stack has been selected to maximize cyber security and staff efficiency. The tools used by highly professional Managed Service Providers are placed in your hands.

2. Support and Escalation

Co-Managed IT allows your team to become part of a larger integrated team of IT professionals, giving them a peer group to go to when needed. The Sabre IT team is one quick call or ticket away.

We are there when you need support for a tough issue, to escalate when busy, or just an extra set of eyes.

3. Coaching

Coaching is an optional (but frequent) extra feature of Co-Managed IT services. With Coaching, your team gain access to senior network engineers on a regular basis for the purposes of coaching and guidance.

Unlike support, coaching is ongoing. The purpose is to build a better team through best practices training and senior leadership.

The Stack


Qty 30 to 60

End Point Devices

CAD $29 USD $23 / Month

Qty 61 to 100

End Point Devices

CAD $24 USD $19 / Month

Qty 101 to 200

End Point Devices

CAD $19 USD $16 / Month

Qty 201+

End Point Devices

CAD $17 USD $14 / Month

The price per device is based on the total devices licensed by the customer. Devices in this case mean “End Point” devices which includes servers, desktops, laptops and other MacOS or Windows OS devices. Android devices and other mobile operating system devices such as Windows CE or Windows Mobile are not included in this total.

Other Devices

Non-End Point Devices such as Wi-Fi Access Points, Firewall, Switch, Mobile Devices

CAD $4.35 USD $3.50 / Month

Tech License

You need login access to all the software tools that are part of the Tech Stack.  Unfortunately many of these tools bill per technician for access to the software.

The Tech License is your license for access to the ticketing and remote management and maintenance (RMM) tools. In addition, you need login access to IT Glue, the premier documentation system used for your system.

Tech Licenses


First Technician

Logins and Setup for the first technician in your team.

CAD $150 USD $125 / Month


Additional logins for extra technicans in your team.

CAD $105 USD $85 / Month


You may select the coaching level that suits your business.

Co-managed IT coaching services provide businesses with a unique approach to technology support. These services pair businesses with experienced IT professionals who work alongside in-house teams to provide technical guidance and support. This collaborative approach enables businesses to improve their technology operations and achieve their goals, while still maintaining control over their systems and data. With co-managed IT coaching, businesses can receive personalized support and advice, resulting in a more efficient and effective use of technology.

Step 3 - Coaching



Senior Coaching each week for your team

CAD $600 USD $480 / Month


Coaching sessions every second week

CAD $320 USD $260 / Month


Monthly senior coaching with a senior IT leader

CAD $175 USD $140 / Month

Service Onboarding

Our co-managed IT services onboarding process is designed to ensure a smooth transition for your business. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your technology needs and goals, and create a customized IT solution tailored to your specific requirements. Onboarding is equal to the cost of a single month of the service as determined by all fees.

Software Tools (Stack and Tech Licenses) require a minimum 1 year term and commitment from Sabre IT vendor and this must be passed on to the customer.

Got Questions?


Our Co-Managed IT services include tools and coaching/support that reduce the time required for your team to deliver and manage your network requirements. With Co-Managed, the same number of IT staff can get a lot more done. 

In general, this means you either increase labor efficiency (maybe keeping costs the same) but often it means delaying or eliminating the need for additional staff.

Many of the tools we provide are available only to managed service providers like us. There are some “similar” tools on the market for general use, but they require substantial setup and often maintenance. 

Since Sabre sources the tools, purchases in bulk, sets up and manages them, and provides tech support – the price ends up being the same or less than if you sourced them all yourself AND included the cost of the time maintaining and managing them.

Tools like the Co-Managed stack are complicated to setup, but not to use. Our team will train you and provide back office support so you use the effectively. Training and re-training (if needed) is included.

Buying them on your own probably would be too complicated. Having Sabre setup, manage and train you makes it much more practical.

The Co-Managed stack includes dashboard and report tools that can be used to generate reports for your management.

Usually, Sabre will assist you in preparing reports for management and discussing them with your supervisors. It can really help to have an outside party explain why something you know needs to be done, really needs to be done.

Still unsure which solution is the best fit for you?

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Robert Jolliffe

Support Desk – all these tools and general day to day L1 and L2 support is provided as part of this service.  If your techs are stuck on a ticket, they can ask the L1/L2 team to help them out – give them some ideas etc.

DarkWeb – Dark Web scanning and monitoring for your site. This detects password breaches, successful phishing captures etc. that are posted by hackers in the dark web.

Lionguard – An automated documentation tool that tracks all changes to managed devices in IT Glue.

A new product for our team. This allows you to remove administrator privileges locally and your helpdesk can automatically be informed of users attempting to “run as administrator” any program (such as when a device driver is installing) and approve or deny from their helpdesk.

 A backup monitoring and management toolset that will check backup logs and automatically create tickets where problems are detected.

a world class MSP grade RMM tool from Datto

 A premier inventory management tool.  Scalepad is connected to all major vendors and provides us with warranty status, returns the service tag info and provides after marketing warranty for all major brands of desktops, laptops, servers etc.