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Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Managed Security (sometimes called Security Operations Centre or SOC) is almost always paired with Managed Services (which is one of a Network Operations Centre [NOC] and/or Helpdesk). Managed Security adds 24/7/365 active monitoring of security incidents to your Managed Services.

What is a SOC?

A SOC or Security Operations Center is a group of staff who monitor for security alerts and events from a remote location. To qualify as a SOC it must be 24/7/365 and it must be staffed by experts in cyber security. Most SOC are staffed and trained by former members of law enforcement or national security services (think the NSA or CICIS).

Your network has added software and hardware that logs all security-related events and activities, and the SOC uses a combination of AI and real-life humans to investigate every “weird” activity they see.

For any SOC to be effective, you must add a SIEM to your environment (see below).

Who is at Risk of Cyber Attacks?

of cyber attackers target small businesses
0 %
of SMBs go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack
0 %
of data security breaches are caused by human error and system failure
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What is a SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is software that logs and analyzes any activity on the devices that it is configured to monitor. For a SIEM to be effective, every point where a bad actor (a hacker) can try to access your systems needs to be monitored.

This means firewalls, Wi-Fi access points, desktop and laptop computers, switches, cloud services and servers at a minimum. Any point where someone can try and connect to your network or install hacking software.

The SIEM software reviews the events that occur, and strips out the day-to-day. It analyzes information using a machine learning (AI) approach and pinpoints risky events.

The SOC team (see above) then evaluates these risks and addresses them in real time.

Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a critical part of the global and domestic supply chain. As such it is a major target of bad actors, foreign powers, and cyber criminals.  

Cyber criminals target manufacturing companies because they tend to have the cash to pay the ransoms that are demanded. They are typically easy to find and target.

People think that hackers must be off in some remote land, and why would they bother with my small business.  It’s not like that any more. Hackers are now hiring local folks to help them. Find a mysterious USB key at a bus stop – don’t trust it.  It might be in your parking lot at the office too. Or someone might park in your lot in the early morning to allow a remote hacker to use their local device when trying to access your Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately Sabre has had to become experts at cybersecurity in manufacturing, but we did so that you don’t have to.

cybersecurity in manufacturing
manufacturing it consulting | CMMC consulting services

CMMC Security Services

Sabre’s cybersecurity for manufacturing services are greatly influenced by the CMMC.  If you are a manufacturing company needing CMMC security support, we’ve put together a package that brings together all the tools you need.

CMMC has strict requirements about the source of the services (where they are hosted) including your own Office 365 and other services. The CMMC program from Sabre includes the versions of software tools that comply to these requirements.

CMMC also requires a lot of extra checks and balances regarding your IT system. You need to ensure that even the laptops and desktop computers comply with CMMC. That means if some of the chips on your DELL desktop were fabricated in China, you may have to replace it with a certified device.

We understand the manufacturing cyber security requirements around CMMC and can help you navigate and prepare for your CMMC audit. Our compliance tools offer a check list (and some auditing capabilities) to ensure you are following CMMC processes).


The Managed Security Process

These and others are all necessary activities to cut the risk of a breach in cybersecurity in manufacturing.

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Packages



CAD $22 USD $18 / Month

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Security Plus

CAD $36.50 USD $29.50 / Month


CAD $52 USD $42 / Month

What Else should I know?

The SIEM software is combined with a SOC to monitor your network and prevent cyber intrusions. For a SIEM to really be effective, a 24/7/365 team needs to be behind it to ensure it stops cyber attacks, not just records them.

Sabre outsources this service but monitors and manages their performance. This is the key to successful SOC services, knowing that they are on-top of what they are doing. Through the RMM and our ticketing system, your IT department can address issues and remediate vulnerabilities (or escalate for us to do it if you can’t).

Here are the major devices (and approximate costs) for SIEM and SOC services:

  1. SIEM Capable Firewalls – not every firewall can be monitored. Only very high end firewalls have this capability. Expect $5000 or more for the hardware plus an annual firewall software subscription.  NOTE: This represents one of the most critical areas of monitoring for security as all data passes through your firewall going in or out of your network.
  2. Endpoints (laptops and desktops) – you will be providing the day to day maintenance and management of these devices (or you should look at our Proactive maintenance plans).
  3. Network Devices (range from tablets to printers to other misc. devices) – add about $6 per month for these – although the prices can vary.
  4. Cloud or Software as a Service monitoring is included in the MDR solution we provide, along with automatic de-activation of accounts when “weird stuff” is happening.
  5. Servers – ironically, servers are the same cost as endpoints. They have the same risk profile as a desktop or laptop computer.

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