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There are several dark web tips that are key to protecting yourself and your manufacturing business from the considerable threats found in the dark web. The dark web gets its name from the fact it is not accessible from conventional web search engines; in other words, it is part of the Internet that is not indexed. The dark web is the portion of the Internet where illegal activity dominates and is littered with digital landmines where the average surfer can have various unpleasant experiences. These digital landmines can come in the form of countless viruses, malware, scams of all sorts, identity theft, and things too horrible to mention.

Dark web monitoring tools, dark web tips, and cybersecurity are paramount when considering accessing. While the dark web is littered with dangerous activities and poses a threat to your device and your personal information, some precautions can be taken to minimize these threats, and we discuss actionable practices and dark web tips to be safe if you decide to venture to the fringes of the Internet. Here are a few dark web tips to focus on:

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Data Back-Up

One of the more dangerous attacks that you can easily protect yourself from is ransomware. Ransomware, unlike “traditional” virus attacks, can only be fought by backing up your relevant data. A ransomware attack is initiated by an unsuspecting person opening a file that is infected. Once the ransomware is installed on your device, the hacker who created the bug holds your file hostage and demands a ransom to be paid to allow you access to your files again. The files are encrypted on your hard drive and can only be decrypted with a matching decryption key. No arsenal of virus protection software tools can remove the bug once it has gained access to your device.

The only thing a victim of ransomware can do is pay the ransom or forget about reading their files again. The dark web is littered with ransomware and the best way to prevent becoming a victim is to back your data up to two external sources. It’s good practice to back your data up if visiting the dark web or not. If you’re concerned about ransomware attacks in manufacturing, check out our blog on 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Ransomware Attacks in Manufacturing

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The dark web is filled with highly intelligent digital bad guys, and these bad guys are constantly on the lookout for ways to exploit vulnerabilities. One common tactic for hackers is to gather as much information as possible and to track you hoping to gain personal information for identity theft. hackers can identify detailed information about who you are in your location based on your IP address. A virtual private network masks the IP address to appear as if you are in another city, state, or region of the world and is one of the best dark web tips on this list.

The best defence to stay anonymous is to use a virtual private network software. You may think to yourself “I am already using Tor, Waterfox, Tails, or other browsers, which encrypt data moving back and forth. Why do I need a VPN?” These browsers designed to access the deep web is encrypting data moving back and forth but a VPN is an added layer of security.

When dealing with the dark web, it is always best to side with having too much security than not having enough. A VPN will act as a moat around a castle with alligators as added protection. The added layer of protection the VPN offers makes it harder for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

Secure Email

Secure emails work like traditional emails, except for full-fledged encryption applied to all data transmitted. Most data that is intercepted and used for various heinous acts take place during the transmission of files and other sensitive information. When accessing the dark web, it’s imperative to ensure any data that is transmitted via email is encrypted before it leaves and requires authentication by the intended receiver. Effective email encryption will also disable hidden macros and scripts, which are often running unsuspectedly in the background. These hidden scripts are another vulnerability that is often exploited by hackers on the dark web, which brings us to our next actionable item of dark web tips.

Disable Macros and Scripts

Macros and scripts are tiny pieces of code that often run on various browsers that are intended to enhance the experience of the user while accessing the Internet. However, these little pieces of software are also commonly exploited to allow malicious tactics to be initiated on the unsuspecting user. Mini documents in web browsers have scripts and macros that include vulnerabilities that are common knowledge to hackers on the dark web. These tiny pieces of code can easily be hijacked to perform malicious acts on an unsuspecting user.

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Never Leave Digital Trails

A popular tool used to ensure optimal safety conditions on the dark web is TAILS, an Amnesiac Incognito Live System. TAILS is a Linux-based software tool that is constantly performing dark web scanning and makes it virtually impossible to leave personal information that can be exploited by the bad guys on the dark web.

The TAILS Software prompts the user before any cookies or other tracking tools are used while accessing areas on the dark web. You can think of TAILS as a personal digital scrubbing tool that cleans up any digital footprints left which includes sites visited, and an operating system used, while simultaneously blocking any attempts from outside sources to keep tabs on your activity while accessing the dark web.

Protect Yourself From The Dark Web

These dark web tips are key to protecting your manufacturing business. Dark web monitoring practices, which include dark web scanning and cybersecurity should always be a priority when accessing the dark web to ensure you have a safe experience. There are tons of threats that could negatively affect your business. Sabre IT can help you take the proper precautions to protect you and your manufacturing company from all kinds of dangers.

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