Ability to Drill into Allocated Order from Resource Capacity in Sabre Production

In Business Central, setting resource capacities and viewing allocations is straightforward, but drilling into allocated demand proves challenging. To address this, Sabre Production introduced a feature allowing users to easily drill into resource availabilities and make necessary changes.

Resource Capacity

Within Business Central, users can navigate to resources like Catherine and examine her capacity and availability. By specifying dates, users can see available hours versus allocated hours for tasks such as jobs or service orders.

For instance, if Catherine has 8 hours available on a Friday and needs 2 for a job and 9 for service orders, the system highlights a deficit of 3 hours. With Sabre Production, users can drill into specific planning lines and redistribute tasks, instantly updating availability.

By reallocating tasks from one day to another, users can optimize resource and time management. This functionality extends to various tasks like service orders and assembly orders, ensuring efficient resource management across the board.


The key advantage is the ability to swiftly identify resource deficits and take immediate action to rebalance allocations. This feature streamlines resource management processes, enhancing productivity and minimizing bottlenecks.

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