How to Install Use Dynamics for Better Business Central Training

Introduction to the Use Dynamics Extension

This video provides a practical guide on improving your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training by installing the Use Dynamics extension. This extension offers a wide variety of video tutorials aimed at improving your understanding and skills in navigating Business Central.

Installation Guide

To begin, access the Extension Management section within Business Central, which allows you to view already installed extensions. If Use Dynamics is not listed, you can download the app from the Extension Marketplace. A free extension like Use Dynamics will display ‘Get it now’. You can quickly install the extension using the straightforward installation wizard. The installation process is typically swift and will run in the background, allowing you to continue your tasks without interruption.

Accessing the Extension

You can find the status of the installation under the “Manage” and “Installation Status” tabs within the Extension Management section. After installation, refresh your extensions list to verify that Use Dynamics is installed. You can now find the Use Dynamics tab within the section.

Exploring Training Resources

The Use Dynamics tab is your gateway to a wealth of training materials. It categorizes tutorials into fundamental business processes like Finance, Sales, and general Business Central operations, each with a wide variety of training videos. These tutorials cover detailed processes such as creating sales orders and managing customer and item configurations.

Interactive Learning Features

Each video comes with an option for transcripts, enhancing the learning experience for those who prefer textual guidance alongside visual demonstrations. The flexibility to play videos at your convenience allows you to learn at your own pace.

Additional Support

While the extension provides great self-help resources, nothing beats live training sessions where real-time questions can be addressed. For more personalized support and live training, contact us.


The Use Dynamics extension is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced Business Central users. It equips you with the tools to explore and master various functionalities within the software through a structured and accessible format.

For further inquiries or detailed guidance, reach out to us at Sabre Limited.

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