22 Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Help Save Time

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central equips users with a powerful array of tools and features designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive success. Among the most effective tools for achieving this are the Business Central keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that provide quick access to specific functions within software applications, such as Business Central. By reducing your reliance on mouse navigation, these shortcuts help you save valuable time, minimize effort, and enhance your workflow. Whether you’re navigating through records, entering data, or accessing various elements of a page, utilizing keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up your work and make your daily tasks more manageable.

With practice, these shortcuts become second nature, transforming your interaction with Business Central into a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the general keyboard shortcuts available in Business Central. Coupled with a helpful video tutorial, we’ll take you through the most essential shortcuts that are guaranteed to make a positive impact on your productivity.

Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts Differ from Windows to macOS

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can help your experience in Business Central. They can, however, vary from Windows to macOS so it’s important to make sure that you’re looking at the correct device type. While most of the shortcuts are consistent across Windows and macOS operating systems, there are a few exceptions that are specific to macOS.

Watch our video and refer to the table below for Business Central keyboard shortcuts that can help save a lot of time.

General Keyboard Shortcuts in Business Central

The table below outlines keyboard shortcuts designed for moving through and accessing various parts of a page. These parts encompass elements such as actions, drop-down lists, lookups, and more.

Windows ShortcutmacOS EquivalentAction
Alt + QOption + QOpen the Tell Me window
Alt + TOption + TOpen My Settings
Alt + UpOption + UpOpen the lookup for the current field
Alt + RightOption + RightSee more options in a field or action
F5Cmd + RRefresh the current page
EscEscClose the current page or drop-down
Ctrl + Alt + F1Cmd + Option + F1Inspect page elements and data
Ctrl + CCmd + CCopy the selected rows to the clipboard
Ctrl + VCmd + VPaste rows from the clipboard
Ctrl + ACmd + ASelect all rows in the current list
Ctrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + CCopy a link to the current page
Ctrl + F1Cmd + F1Open the Help for the current page
Ctrl + F12Cmd + F12Toggle full screen mode
Ctrl + NCmd + NCreate a new record
Ctrl + DelCmd + BackspaceDelete the selected record(s)
Ctrl + EnterCmd + ReturnSave and close the edit window or save changes in a list
Ctrl + Shift + F12Cmd + Shift + F12Maximize the current task page
Ctrl + Shift + ICmd + Shift + IImport from Excel
Ctrl + Shift + ECmd + Shift + EExport to Excel
Ctrl + Page UpCmd + Fn + Up ArrowMove to the first record in a list
Ctrl + Page DownCmd + Fn + Down ArrowMove to the last record in a list
Shift + Alt + NShift + Option + NCreate a new document or card depending on context

Please note that macOS uses the Command (Cmd) key where Windows uses Control (Ctrl), and the Option key is used in place of the Alt key. Additionally, for some actions that involve the function keys (like F1, F5, F12), you might need to use the Fn (Function) key on Mac keyboards, depending on your keyboard settings.

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, visit Microsoft.

Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts

Practical Examples of Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts in Action

To truly appreciate the power of keyboard shortcuts in Business Central, let’s explore some practical scenarios where these shortcuts can significantly streamline your workflow:

1. Navigating Records Quickly

Imagine you’re working with a long list of customer records and you need to review the first and last records quickly. Instead of scrolling manually, you can use Ctrl + Page Up (or Cmd + Fn + Up Arrow on macOS) to jump to the first record and Ctrl + Page Down (or Cmd + Fn + Down Arrow on macOS) to move to the last record. This instant navigation saves you time and effort, especially when dealing with extensive datasets.

2. Efficient Data Entry and Editing

Data entry is a common task in Business Central. When entering data into a new sales order, the shortcut Ctrl + N (or Cmd + N on macOS) allows you to create a new record instantly. If you make a mistake or need to delete a line, Ctrl + Del (or Cmd + Backspace on macOS) lets you remove it without reaching for the mouse. These shortcuts make data entry not only faster but also more seamless.

3. Accessing Actions and Information Quickly

The Alt + Q (or Option + Q on macOS) shortcut, which opens the Tell Me window, is incredibly useful for quickly accessing information or actions. Whether you need to find a specific page, report, or action within Business Central, this shortcut helps you locate it without navigating through menus, saving you valuable time.

4. Quick Help Access

When you encounter a feature or function you’re unfamiliar with, Ctrl + F1 (or Cmd + F1 on macOS) provides instant access to the Help documentation for the page you’re currently on. This shortcut is invaluable for learning new features or troubleshooting issues on the fly.

By incorporating these shortcuts into your daily use of Business Central, you’ll notice a marked improvement in how quickly and efficiently you can navigate the platform and manage your tasks. Keyboard shortcuts not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a more enjoyable user experience by minimizing repetitive, manual tasks.

Closing Thoughts

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