Starting Date on Material Planning Item Worksheet in Sabre Production

This video introduces a new feature in the Sabre material planning page: the starting date. This addition aims to streamline supply and demand management by incorporating lead times. Users can ensure timely orders by seeing when to initiate production, assembly, or procurement.

It’s designed to complement existing tools like the planning and requisition worksheet, providing a clearer picture of when to act without overwhelming users. Users can calculate net on-hand inventory and assess demand against supply in the Sabre material planning item worksheet.

For instance, if a product has a two-day lead time and is due on the 25th, the system suggests starting production on the 23rd. This proactive approach helps prevent delays and ensures orders are placed on time.

The tool also accommodates items with no lead time. Users can manually input lead times and refresh the page for revised start dates. This feature aids in optimizing production schedules and procurement timelines.


Overall, the starting date feature enhances decision-making by providing details and suggestions about when to initiate production or procurement activities. It empowers users to manage their supply chain more efficiently, avoiding unnecessary delays.

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