View Major Dollar Amounts on Jobs in Sabre ETO

In Sabre ETO, we’ve enhanced the job list page to provide vital financial insights at a glance. Now, managers can easily track key numbers like percent complete, invoiced amounts, and gross margins without digging into detailed reports.

Financial Status in the Job Page

Navigating to the job page, users can quickly assess the financial status of each job. The actual cost, total sales invoiced, percent complete, percent invoiced, and gross margin are displayed, giving a comprehensive overview of the job’s financial health.

The Different Metrics and What They Mean

The actual cost is derived from the sum of costs posted to various tasks within the job. Percent completion is calculated based on the ratio of actual costs to the total estimated costs, providing an accurate measure of progress.

Total sales invoiced reflects the sum of billable lines posted as invoices. Users can drill down to view detailed invoice information, ensuring transparency and clarity in financial transactions.

The percent invoiced column indicates the portion of the total estimated revenue that has been invoiced, helping users track billing progress and revenue realization.

Additionally, the gross margin column offers insight into the profitability of each job by comparing the revenue generated with the actual costs. This enables managers to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

These dynamic metrics update in real-time as new costs are incurred and invoices are posted, providing users with up-to-date financial visibility and empowering proactive decision-making.


With these enhancements, users can efficiently monitor job financials, identify trends, and take timely actions to optimize profitability.

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