How IT Managed Services for Manufacturing Firms Prevent Ransomware Attacks

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IT Managed Services for manufacturing firms are usually understood to be “outsourced IT departments” and people think of that as being just a slower version of having a staff member. If that were the case, we would not be able to make any money delivering these services. Sabre IT Solutions, as a Managed Service Provider needs to be significantly more efficient than the internal IT department usually is. We achieve this with some specialized tools that let us deliver a lot more, in less time than any small IT department usually can. Therefore, this allows you to Outsource your IT or empower your IT, depending on your needs.

The big difference between what an MSP does and a small internal department has to do with the real-time System and Network Monitoring we do. Managed IT Services should (and do) monitor and manage antivirus, backups, windows patches, java, and adobe, and hardware monitoring in more or less real-time.  At Sabre IT, we are monitoring and checking all of these statuses, on every machine we manage, at least once an hour from 8 am to 6 pm. In other words, emergency alerts are sent to staff 24/7 and will be dealt with in the morning if not caught in real time. Without the MSP Toolkit, IT departments can’t do that.

What makes Managed Services work for the companies that provide them is a set of tools that aren’t available to the general public. I’ll call this an “MSP Toolkit.” There are about 4 main vendors of a technology called RMM – Remote Management and Maintenance. The RMM technology is very advanced and a bit complicated to set up and use. In conclusion, it is the secret weapon of a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

IT Managed Services for Manufacturing Firms

Why Should Manufacturing Firms Use Managed IT Services?

Manufacturing firms face unique challenges when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. With complex supply chains and constantly evolving technologies, it can be difficult for internal IT teams to keep up. That’s why many manufacturing firms are turning to IT managed services for support.

IT managed services for manufacturing firms can provide a range of benefits. One of the primary advantages is cost savings. By outsourcing IT management to a third-party provider, firms can avoid the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house IT team, including salaries, benefits, and training. This can free up resources for other areas of the business, such as research and development or marketing.

In addition to cost savings, IT managed services for manufacturing firms can also provide greater flexibility and scalability. As manufacturing firms grow and evolve, their IT needs will change. Managed service providers can quickly adapt to these changes and provide the necessary support, whether it’s implementing new technologies or upgrading existing systems.

Another benefit of IT managed services for manufacturing firms is improved security. Manufacturing firms often handle sensitive data, such as customer information, supplier contracts, and proprietary product designs. Managed service providers can implement robust security measures to protect this data from cyber threats and ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Finally, IT managed services for manufacturing firms can provide 24/7 support. Many managed service providers offer around-the-clock monitoring and support, which can minimize downtime and ensure that critical systems are always up and running. This is especially important for manufacturing firms that operate on tight deadlines and need to keep production lines running smoothly.

IT Managed Services for Manufacturing Firms

IT Managed Services for manufacturing firms play a crucial role in optimizing IT infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, and addressing the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. In this section, we’ll delve into the specific benefits and tools associated with Managed IT Services for manufacturing firms.

The Efficiency of Managed Services

Managed IT Services for manufacturing firms are often misconceived as merely outsourced IT departments, akin to having an in-house IT staff member. However, the reality is quite different. Sabre IT Solutions, as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), operates with a significantly higher level of efficiency than internal IT departments. This efficiency is made possible through the utilization of specialized tools that enable us to deliver more in less time.

Real-Time System and Network Monitoring

One of the key distinctions between MSPs and small internal IT departments lies in the realm of real-time System and Network Monitoring. Managed IT Services involve the continuous monitoring and management of critical aspects such as antivirus, backups, Windows patches, Java, Adobe, and hardware in near real-time. At Sabre IT, we monitor these aspects on every machine we manage, typically at least once an hour during business hours. This ensures that emergency alerts are promptly addressed, even outside regular working hours, contributing to a proactive approach to IT management that internal departments often struggle to achieve.

The MSP Toolkit: A Secret Weapon

What empowers Managed Services providers like Sabre IT is a set of tools not readily accessible to the general public. This toolkit includes essential components, with one of the most pivotal being Remote Management and Maintenance (RMM) technology. RMM technology is sophisticated and requires expert configuration and operation, making it the secret weapon of an MSP.

Key Tools in Our MSP Toolkit

Our MSP Toolkit comprises six key tools:

  1. RMM (Remote Management and Maintenance): This software underpins our Network and System Monitoring operations.
  2. Remote Desktop Access Tool: Integrated into RMM, it allows us to access and troubleshoot remote systems efficiently.
  3. Antivirus Solution: A robust antivirus solution is a critical component for safeguarding our clients’ systems.
  4. Backup Tools: These tools are remotely administered and activated to ensure data security and recovery.
  5. Inventory Collection Software: This software magically gathers information about our clients’ systems and their capabilities.
  6. Professional Services Automation (PSA) Tools: These tools organize our daily tasks and enable us to track all activities efficiently.
IT Managed Services for Manufacturing Firms Prevent Ransomware Attacks

A Consolidated Dashboard

These tools are all integrated with each other and we can see their status all in one consolidated dashboard that is part of the RMM. Most mainline backup, antivirus, network management, and other tools work with the 4 main RMM vendors.

How this mitigates and Prevents Ransomware is very simple. Sabre IT has a central dashboard that gives us a view of each computer. In addition, we have a technician who is assigned to monitor this dashboard regularly. Ransomware relies on some computer(s) in the network being unprotected. Furthermore, it relies on backups failing and antivirus that is out of date. It relies on patches for Java or Windows or some other software that is vulnerable.

With the RMM, the MSP is able to see the status of all of these things. At Sabre IT Solutions we can see that a computer is not accepting a windows patch. At the same time, we can see Java is out of date on a laptop. Besides, we can see that someone locked themselves out of their account at 3:05 am, and we can prevent ransomware by keeping the systems secured and patched.

It is this ability to have a single view of the entire network that protects against cyber intrusion. The MSP Toolkit allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of hundreds of computers simultaneously, and manage by exception. Our staff is alerted automatically by the system. Above all, we can identify and address issues within hours of them happening.

Do it Yourself (DIY)

If you want to create these tools as a traditional IT department there are some options. I have seen very advanced internal IT departments (often with staff who worked for MSP in the past and therefore are aware of the capabilities) come close. It is a daunting and time-consuming task, but it can be done. Tools like Spiceworks, good AV and Backup solutions that come with dashboards, WSUS servers, and other automation tools exist. The benefit of the RMM is that it integrates them all into one central system.

The other big advantage of RMM is that it includes scripting and automation to work around deficiencies and the introduction of new software. If you need to monitor the patch level of some proprietary software, an RMM with scripting can handle that and push the custom patches out the same way. Most of the in-house tools that you might be able to cobble together would need a programmer to achieve the same.

Co-Managed IT

A great choice for companies that do have in-house IT and want access to these tools is Co-Managed IT (also called CoMIT). CoMIT is a model in which the MSP configures your business as a tenant of our MSP Toolkit. Your IT department can use the RMM tools we use, and we will continue to maintain and manage the tools. Your IT department and Sabre IT Co-Manage the IT. You will monitor the dashboards and remediate the issues that occur. This saves both of us money. Sabre IT doesn’t need to add staff to watch your equipment or fix issues. Your IT staff get much more done in the same amount of time.

For companies that have either good internal IT staff that are overwhelmed keeping up; or IT staff that really need to be more efficient because they are also helping get stuff out the door – Co-Managed IT is a great plan.

Take a look at our previous blog post on ransomware here, or read about CMMC compliance and regulations.


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, manufacturing firms require efficient and reliable IT systems to stay competitive. IT managed services for manufacturing firms can help ensure that your technology infrastructure is up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance. With specialized knowledge and expertise in the unique technology needs of the manufacturing industry, IT managed service providers can deliver customized solutions that meet your specific business goals and objectives.

Whether you need support for hardware and software installation, network security, data backup and recovery, or cloud computing, IT managed services can provide comprehensive support and management of your technology environment. By outsourcing your IT needs to a qualified provider, you can free up internal resources to focus on core business operations and strategic initiatives.

At Sabre Limited, we offer tailored IT managed services for manufacturing firms that deliver real value and ROI. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers is dedicated to keeping your systems running smoothly and efficiently, so you can stay focused on driving business growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive IT managed services for manufacturing firms.

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