Intro to the Configuration Worksheet in Business Central

Welcome to Sabre Limited’s video series on utilizing configuration worksheets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Throughout this series, Jenn Claridge, Vice President of ERP at Sabre Limited, will cover key objectives to enhance your understanding and efficiency with configuration worksheets.

How to Export Configuration Worksheets in Microsoft Business Central

In the first video, we’ll delve into ensuring you’re accessing the correct table within Business Central. Knowing where to locate and verify your data is essential. It also focuses on exporting data, employing techniques like field filtering and inclusion/exclusion to tailor your Excel templates. This streamlines the process and prevents overwhelming data sets.

How to Update Configuration Worksheet Templates for Business Central

The second video discusses updating configuration worksheet templates by importing your data from Excel back into Business Central. Maintaining consistency and accuracy is crucial for smooth integration.

Importing Configuration Worksheets in Business Central

In the third video, we explore the process of importing your Excel spreadsheet back into Business Central. We’ll cover error-checking procedures and guide you through effectively updating your database tables.

We’re excited to have you on board and look forward to helping you maximize your Business Central experience.

For further inquiries or detailed guidance, reach out to us at Sabre Limited.

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