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Sabre Limited blogs about the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Cloud ERP System.



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Most people don't get too excited about cloud ERP, after all it is a dull subject for most. That said, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a new kid on the block, and they are making a lot of noise [...]
Here at Sabre, we are experts at implementing Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing systems, particularly Business Central manufacturing.  That's not entirely bragging - it is based on a well respected thought leader.  Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10,000 hours of practice [...]
In my years of working with manufacturers and doing ERP consulting, many customers avoided making the decision to purchase a manufacturing ERP even though they knew that their business desperately needed it. Here are some reasons why people avoid [...]
Dynamics 365 MRP in Business Central is very advanced and full featured. The material requirements planning module allows users to accelerate supply chain management by automating purchase orders and production orders based on inventory and warehouse data.  It is often paired [...]