Configure To Order Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent solution for the traditional configure to order manufacturer.

Are You A Configure To Order Manufacturer Looking for The Right ERP?

We leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s flagship ERP and the system that we feel is best suited for configure-to-order manufacturers. 

In the Configure-to-Order process, products are assembled and configured based on customer requirements. Usually, a configure to order manufacturer has a “catalog” and for the different products they sell often have “options” that can be selected by the customer. Above all, the most important part of Configure-to-Order revolves around the idea of configurations. In short, a configuration is the combination of the catalog parts with all the options, and there can literally be millions or even billions of valid configurations that could be selected.

Configure To Order Manufacturing

We Are Experts in Configure-To-Order Implementations.

If you’re a Configure-to-Order manufacturer some of these are probably true in your business:

  • It is often impossible to stock finished goods
  • You often will stock semi-finished assemblies
  • Your lead time components set the speed of delivering a finished product
  • You may keep popular long lead time items in stock to off-set the possible delays
  • Order entry, quoting and order processing is tedious and error-prone
  • You have a lot of double and triple checks in your business

Benefits of Sabre Limited Manufacturing ERP for Your Business

  • Use an optional Product Configurator module to streamline quoting and estimating
  • Capture your engineering and product experts knowledge in the system
  • Provide self-service ordering for dealers or customers
  • Use more junior people to execute tasks
  • Reduce quoting and order processing lead time and reduce errors
  • Streamline special order items and stock management
  • Reduce manufacturing errors with better bills of materials
  • Collect job cost information on a configuration by configuration basis
  • Run an analysis of your order history including what configurations have been selected by customers over time
  • Bring up historical orders and configurations and use those to generate new orders or quotes

Product Configurators

Configure-to-Order companies are all about their product configurations. For that reason, they need to look at Product Configurators.

A Product Configurator is a critical add-on for Manufacturing ERP solutions. They are designed specifically for a Configure-to-Order business. For instance, this is a module that has various versions available from different vendors, each of which has different features and value. Therefore, not all Configure-to-Order businesses are the same, and so a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t necessarily make sense.

With this in mind, this kind of add-on allows a company to enter their engineering, design, pricing and other “rules” into the system. In fact, the entire module is built around the idea of “rules”, which are the really complicated part of a configuration. All in all, rules are those things your senior managers, sales staff, order entry clerks, and engineers know without knowing how. Taking those out of their heads, writing them in a logical manner and entering them into the software is the goal.

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