6 Reasons Businesses Change IT Support for Manufacturing

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There are many reasons that businesses change their IT support for manufacturing companies. Most IT companies have a basic understanding of the businesses that they support. However, oftentimes they’re not knowledgeable enough to understand the needs of all of the industries that they serve. This is more common than most people believe.

When you’re looking for an IT partner, most people think, “okay, this person is an expert in IT or cybersecurity, they can make sure that our business is adhering to all of the latest cybersecurity recommendations, keep all of our data secure, and help increase the productivity of our operations.”

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Having IT support that doesn’t understand manufacturing, production, and inventory management is better than not having support at all. But there will become a time that they become your bottleneck.

Realistically, IT support for manufacturing businesses like your own should be experts in cybersecurity, manufacturing operations, production, and ERP. In this article, you’ll learn the top 10 reasons businesses change IT support for manufacturing operations.

“You probably won’t be surprised to learn that we hear from a lot of businesses who are unhappy with their current IT support provider.”

– Robert Jolliffe, The Manufacturer’s Guide to Purchasing IT
Manufacturing IT Support

Reason #1. They’re Not Seeing Results

Return on Investment (ROI) is the primary goal of every business decision. You might not be seeing the results that you want because your IT partner doesn’t understand your business and they are recommending investments that don’t align with your business objective.

A Tailored Approach to Investment: A valuable IT support partner does more than present an IT strategy; they craft a roadmap that resonates with your manufacturing business’s long-term vision. This involves understanding your processes, potential pain points, and aspirations. Each investment recommendation should be thoughtfully tailored, ensuring that your technology evolves in harmony with your goals.

Metrics that Matter: The true measure of an effective IT support partnership in manufacturing lies in the metrics that define success. A proficient partner will not offer a one-size-fits-all set of metrics. Instead, they will collaborate with you to establish a meaningful set of performance indicators. These metrics should translate directly to your business outcomes, offering clarity and a quantifiable basis for assessing results.

Transparency Over Jargon: When it comes to IT support for manufacturing, transparency reigns supreme. The days of vague, jargon-laden reports are fading. A reliable IT support partner communicates in clear terms, ensuring that the metrics provided are understandable and actionable. This empowers you to make informed decisions based on concrete data, fostering a relationship built on trust and tangible progress.

Reason #2. There is Poor Communication

The litmus test of a valuable IT support for manufacturing lies not just in resolving issues but in their responsiveness and communication. Some issues can take a while to fix, however, your IT support should be communicating the problems that arise with you as they work on them.

Effective Issue Acknowledgment: The frustrations that can arise from delayed issue acknowledgment are all too familiar. Waiting for days before receiving a response not only hampers productivity but also breeds uncertainty. A responsive IT support partner acknowledges issues promptly, laying the foundation for a partnership based on trust and open communication.

Transparent Communication: Updates and changes in your IT environment are par for the course. However, the manner in which your IT support partner communicates these updates can significantly impact your operations. A partner that keeps you informed of every step, from updates to issue resolution progress, empowers you with the assurance that challenges are being addressed diligently.

Delivering on Commitments: Time is a precious resource in the manufacturing landscape. An IT support partner’s credibility rests on their ability to deliver on commitments as promised. Be it responding within a stipulated time or adhering to a resolution timeline, a responsive partner ensures that their actions align with their words.

The distinction between an IT support provider and an IT support partner becomes evident in their responsiveness. A partner understands that their success is intertwined with yours, and a swift issue resolution benefits both parties.

data security in manufacturing operations

Reason #3. They Don’t Take Data Security Seriously

It’s not uncommon to encounter providers who downplay the significance of cybersecurity, brushing off inquiries with a vague assurance that they have it handled. This laissez-faire attitude toward cybersecurity is a red flag that should not be ignored.

True IT support for manufacturing takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity. A reliable partner doesn’t just claim to handle it; they make it a priority to educate and collaborate with you. They keep themselves informed of cyber risks as they evolve, ensuring they are well-informed and equipped to shield your manufacturing business from potential threats.

Security isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a continuous effort. A proficient IT support partner recognizes this and ensures that your data is safeguarded on every front. From keeping your software up to date to implementing stringent security measures across your digital ecosystem, they work tirelessly to minimize vulnerabilities.

Choosing the right IT support for manufacturing isn’t just about fixing technical glitches; it’s about safeguarding your operations, intellectual property, and customer trust. Cyber threats are a reality that no business can afford to disregard. As you contemplate the switch to comprehensive IT support for manufacturing, prioritize a partner that places data security at the forefront, sharing your commitment to keeping your digital realm impenetrable and your manufacturing business resilient.

Reason #4. It Takes Them Too Long to Make Fixes

When your operations encounter technological hiccups, waiting for prolonged periods to have them resolved is not an option. While certain problems might require in-depth analysis, there’s a clear distinction between genuine complexity and persistent inefficiency in problem-solving.

Effective IT support for manufacturing ensures that while immediate fixes might not always be possible, timely and efficient solutions are a given. A great IT partner acknowledges the urgency of your operational needs and works diligently to come to resolutions. Whether it’s a glitch in your production line’s automation or an interruption in critical data access, you should not face protracted delays and radio silence when you need assistance.

Part of choosing the right IT support partner for manufacturing involves evaluating their skillset and capabilities. A reliable partner possesses the expertise to diagnose and work through these issues promptly, backed by a track record of effective problem-solving.

As a manufacturing business, your focus should be on innovation and growth, not grappling with technology challenges.

Reason #5. They Confuse You With “Tech Talk”

Technology is undeniably complex, filled with an array of jargon and rapidly changing concepts. Navigating this landscape can be a minefield, especially if you’re not well-versed in tech speak. An indispensable trait of exceptional IT support for manufacturing is the ability to simplify the complex, making technology comprehensible and relatable.

A good IT support partner will take all of those technical terms and make them easy to understand. They don’t just resolve issues; they explain the underlying causes, the steps taken for resolution, and the preventive measures moving forward. Their expertise shines not only in their problem-solving abilities but also in their capacity to communicate without overwhelming you with tech talk.

The hallmark of effective communication lies in relatability. Reliable IT support for manufacturing shouldn’t just throw technical terms at you; they should bridge the gap between technology and your business needs. They translate complex concepts into relatable scenarios that resonate with your daily operations. This is a testament to their understanding of your unique context and their commitment to ensuring that every interaction is educational and productive.

Reason #6. You Aren’t Learning From Them

While you don’t need to become an IT expert, partnering with an IT support company should involve an element of learning and empowerment. After all, a true partnership means that you’re not just relying on them to fix issues – you’re also gaining valuable insights that contribute to the overall security and efficiency of your manufacturing operations.

Consider cybersecurity, for instance. Cyber threats are a constant concern, and understanding how to identify and prevent scams, protect your data, and secure your digital assets is crucial. Proactive IT support for manufacturing doesn’t just shield you from these threats; they educate you on the latest risks and strategies to mitigate them. If an IT support partner dismisses your need to learn about these matters, it’s a warning sign that your organization’s cybersecurity might not be getting the attention it deserves.

Transparency in action is another key aspect. A reliable IT support for manufacturing operations will walk you through the solutions they implement and provide a basic understanding of how your IT infrastructure functions. This empowers you to troubleshoot minor issues independently and have a clearer grasp of the technology driving your manufacturing processes.

6 Reasons Business Change IT Support for Manufacturing

Conclusion: IT Support for Manufacturing Operations

Choosing the right IT support for manufacturing isn’t just about addressing technical glitches; it’s about fostering a partnership that amplifies your operations, strengthens your cybersecurity, and propels your business toward success. As you reflect on the reasons that prompt businesses to seek new IT support partners, consider these pivotal factors that can transform your manufacturing landscape.

  • Seamless Alignment with Business Objectives: A remarkable IT support partner doesn’t offer generic solutions; they tailor strategies and investments to your manufacturing business’s unique needs. By crafting a roadmap that aligns technology with your long-term vision, they ensure that each step is a purposeful stride toward growth, innovation, and efficiency.
  • Meaningful Metrics for Success: Metrics shouldn’t be a mystery; they should be your compass for measuring progress. A valuable IT support partner collaborates with you to establish a set of metrics that resonate with your business outcomes. Transparency, clarity, and relevance are key – enabling you to gauge success and make informed decisions based on tangible data.
  • Open Communication and Responsive Support: Effective IT support for manufacturing isn’t just about solving problems; it’s about responsive communication. A trusted partner acknowledges issues promptly and keeps you informed throughout the resolution process. The distinction lies in their commitment to deliver on their commitments and ensure your operations continue unhindered.
  • Proactive Cybersecurity: Data security isn’t optional; it’s a non-negotiable imperative. A proactive IT support partner goes beyond mere claims; they educate, collaborate, and prioritize your cybersecurity. From staying informed about evolving risks to fortifying every aspect of your digital ecosystem, they work diligently to safeguard your manufacturing business.
  • Efficient Problem-Solving: Technology hiccups are a part of the landscape, but extended delays are not. A reliable IT support partner resolves issues efficiently, acknowledging the urgency of your operational needs. The ability to swiftly diagnose and address problems is a testament to their expertise and commitment to your success.
  • Clear Communication, Not Tech Jargon: Technology doesn’t have to be perplexing. Exceptional IT support partners excel at translating tech talk into relatable terms. They bridge the gap between technology and your business needs, ensuring that every interaction is educational, empowering, and productive.
  • Continual Learning and Empowerment: An invaluable aspect of your IT support partnership is the opportunity to learn. Your IT support partner should empower you with insights into cybersecurity, operational efficiency, and your IT infrastructure. This knowledge equips you to navigate the digital landscape confidently, making informed decisions that contribute to your manufacturing business’s growth.

As you begin choosing a few companies to do IT support for your manufacturing business, remember that this isn’t just about fixing issues – it’s about elevating your operations to new heights. Your manufacturing success is their success, and their expertise, dedication, and transparency are the cornerstones of a partnership that fuels innovation, secures assets, and propels your business forward.

If you’re in the process of looking for an IT partner for your business, consider reading The Manufacturer’s Guide to Purchasing IT. It’s a great free resource written by Robert Jolliffe, President of Sabre Limited. If there is one thing that Robert knows, it’s cybersecurity for manufacturing.

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