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Proactive Maintenance & Cyber Basics

Our core service for system maintenance and cyber security minimum requirements.

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Cyber Security

If you don’t care much about cyber security, or think it’s a problem other people need to deal with – then our IT services are not for you. Everything we do in our Managed IT Services for manufacturing companies is based on the Cyber Security requirements of insurance companies and US and Canadian controlled goods certifications

Our most popular package is specifically modeled after the most common requirements on Cyber Insurance forms.

We also the handle day-to-day support desk when needed, provide advanced consulting services, perform daily preventive and proactive maintenance, and monitor your network for problems.

Sabre is a one-stop shop for IT services, and it is our goal to make that as easy as we can for you.

Most IT Services can easily be performed remotely. A few services need “boots on the ground” to do it right. With today’s Gig Economy there are now “Uber for IT Guys” type services that Sabre uses.

Whether you’re in Kansas or Vancouver, St. Johns or Tampa – Sabre can assess whether there is a local resource available in our partner network to cover the “hands on keyboard” needs.

The combination of super secure software tools including remote access and monitoring technology make this need very low. Sabre will even install a Web-Cam in your “server room” so we can see what is happening night or day.


Remote IT services in 2023

Sabre Starter Kits

All Sabre Customers are required to purchase a Starter Kit. This kit contains a Modern Secure Firewall, Switch, Access Point(s), Remote Power Management System, Backup Solution, and Remote Monitoring System (like a webcam). We will send in our remote team member to assess your current setup if you are unsure, or based on your feedback pick the right kit for you.

Our proactive and preventive IT maintenance for manufacturing companies requires this standard kit in order for us to properly manage you and ensure you are properly setup to minimize the risk of Cyber Crime. If you really don’t want to change this and invest in the kit, then maybe the co-managed services we offer are more appropriate for you.

Proactive Maintenance Packages for Endpoints


CAD $32 USD $25 / Month

Most Popular


CAD $64 USD $50 / Month

This service combines Economy Maintenance and Security Plus Cyber Security.

Save 5% off the Price of Cybersecurity + Maintenance


CAD $79 USD $63 / Month

Save 5% off the Price of Cybersecurity + Maintenance

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Servers are treated differently than other devices. If your server is used as a host for virtual servers only, and has no other services – it is at a different price than a server running services. If your server is a stand alone (there are no victuals) then it is priced as a “operating” server. In addition, cloud services are considered servers for purposes of monitoring and maintenance.  

Proactive Maintenance Packages for Servers

Host Server Package

CAD $80 USD $68 / Month

Virtual or Operating Server Package

CAD $160 USD $135 / Month

Cloud Management Package

CAD $185 USD $150 / Month

Got Questions?


Usually you will just need one Cloud Management Package for a single tenant of Office 365, regardless of how many SharePoint sites or users. This service pays for the management of your user accounts and is required if your Azure Active Directory is implemented in place of an on-prem Active Directory implementation.

In modern computing, most servers are deployed as software on a host machine. These are called Virtual Servers. One host can run many Virtual Servers.

An Operating server just means the server is running software like SQL Server, Exchange Server, IIS, or acting as a file server for example. Operating servers are “doing something” other than acting as a host for Virtual Servers.

All computers connected to the network, with internet access that might be subject to a cyber attack need to be on a preventive and proactive maintenance plan.  

No. All devices must be at the same plan level. 

There are no extra fees for Wi-Fi access points, switches, firewalls and other devices if you have purchased our Starter Pack kit for your business. The maintenance and management of those devices is built into our pricing.

Tablets, phones, and other devices that aren’t Windows or MacOS managed can be added to a plan for a nominal fee.

Printers can be monitored and managed, and we will do our best to work with them, but for very advanced print centers (basically photocopiers) you must have a print service provider that services these devices.

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