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Most people don't get too excited about cloud ERP, after all it is a dull subject for most. That said, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a new kid on the block, and they are making a lot of noise [...]
Business Central Job Shop Projects Differ Greatly from Production Manufacturing A lot of content about manufacturing for Business Central is focused on the production manufacturing system. Job Shops tend to be smaller, and the past pricing for Dynamics NAV was [...]
Most ERP Partners hide their implementation costs until late in the sales cycle. This can make customers uncomfortable with ERP projects, especially today when we expect to find prices for purchases on-line and at our fingertips. In thus article [...]
With a substantial range of programs available, funding programs for Canadian Manufacturers can help offset costs for many significant initiatives, such as tech adoption, business expansion, hiring and training, and research and development. Although funding programs are available federally, provincially, [...]